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Who Makes the Decisions Around Here?

All through Freshers’, we’ve been telling people about how SUSU is run… who really makes the decisions around here?! We always talk about elections and course representation and our student council   – the first one of which is coming up in a few weeks (22nd October).

But SUSU is also run by students based on their passions and what they love… and for this we have standing committees.

Standing committees are completely run by students and make decisions about various areas of the Union. E.g. we have a societies committee, which is run by our societies officer. I run Media Committee, which helps direct our 4 Media Departments… we even have a standing committee for elections! At the moment, we are reviewing our system of standing committees so that they can be much better!

We have already hosted an open ideas session with students over the Summer and have another session, which any student is welcome to attend next Friday at 1pm in Meeting Room 2 of SUSU. 

However, we have 3 ideas for you to ponder over, which you are welcome to give feedback about to help shape the conversations in our session next week.

Idea #1 – Current Model +

Take the current system of committees and add in some more so that we don’t miss out anyone.

Idea #2 – Activity Zones

Structure our committees based on the ways we’ve structured our Sabbatical and Student Leader roles – activities of the Union.

Idea #3 – The Wall!

On Level 4 of SUSU, we’ve created a wall, which explains what SUSU is, let’s structure our committees in the same way.

Leave your comments below with the ideas that you like best, or are we missing the best idea? And make sure that you come along to the ideas session next Friday at 1pm, so that it really is YOU who is making the decisions.

Democracy Love

Davey G – VP Comms


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2 Comments on "Who Makes the Decisions Around Here?"

  1. David
    12/10/2012 at 5:45 pm Permalink

    NO!! Stop with all the extra committees and scrap Idea 1! We all voted for transparency and ease of communication between groups and now we’re getting more layers of people??

  2. David
    12/10/2012 at 6:03 pm Permalink

    Hey Duncan, thanks for your comment and your enthusiasm 🙂

    We just had our meeting today, which was our session open session in the review, and it seems that the second option is the preferred choice from the group so far. The next step is taking the thoughts that have been gathered so far and taking them for discussion at Union Council. It’s on the 22nd October at 5pm and you’re welcome to come!


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