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Surge Presenter Nominated for National Award

A massive congratulations to 2nd year English student, Emma Real-Davies, for being nominated last night for a National Student Radio Award in the category of Best Female Presenter!

Emma joined Surge in her first year with her show ‘In The StudiOh!‘. Her co-presenter, Howell, had this to say about her nomination,

“I’m so happy that Emma has been nominated. It’s such a huge achievement after only being on Surge for a year. She’s a great person to work with and is funny, confident and doesn’t mind being the butt of jokes on air. We have such a good time creating our show and interacting with listeners and I can’t think of anyone who is more deserving of this award.”

Surge has had a great history of Student Radio Awards, picking up 10 “SRAs” in the last 7 years, however this is the first time since 2005 that they’ve been nominated in a ‘presenter’ category and the first time ever in the ‘Best Female’ category.

Emma, and the rest of the Surge team, will head up to the O2 Arena on 8th November to face the other 5 nominees for the award of Best Female presenter. Best of luck to them!

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