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… And the results are in!

We have the results of the by-elections for Student Leader and Union Councillor.

So please give a big congratulations to:

Your new Winchester Sites Officer – Ellen Green


Your new Post Graduate Research Officer  – Ioan Alexandru Barbu


Your new Post Graduate Taught Officer – Sam Crabb


And your 4 new Union Councillors – Andrea Sipka (112 votes), Jawad Muhammad Bhatti (110), Joe Hart (70) and Matthew Wimsett (38).

A big congratulations to all those who ran in the Union Councillor race, collecting a total of 286 votes since Monday – VERY impressive for a by-election.

There are also 5 candidates who were automatically elected on Monday morning after having nominated themselves. So a further congratulations to Taimoor Siddiquie, Oliver Coles, Anh Nguyen, Alice North and Matthew Higgins.

Those 12 new members of council will be joining your already existing Sabbaticals, Student Leaders and Union Councillors at a Union Council training afternoon on Saturday before coming along to the first council of the year on Monday at 5pm.

Anyone can come along to Union Council, even if you don’t have a vote, and this first council of the year there are chances for any student to get involved in some elections at Council – more details to come.

N.B. we’ll update this blog with more detailed voting statistics when they are available. 

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