Freshers: Massive Wasters?


FRESHERS: If you’re interested in getting involved in a massive halls competition involving over 75 other 1st year students in one afternoon and winning loads of freebies including:

★ Waste Wars t-shirt

★ Friday Night Entry to The Cube on Friday 26th October

★ An ethical chocolate bar


…then Waste Wars is for you.


So what is Southampton Waste Wars?

You and 75 other 1st year Southampton University students will be working in JCR teams across different halls of residences calculating the recycling rate in your hall.

This will involve surveying the University’s waste and will allow us to work out key problem areas and award the hall with the best recycling rate.

The team who surveys the most amount of bags will be rewarded with VIP Entrance to the Cube on Friday 26th October 2012 and a free coffee mug that means you can get 10% off hot drinks in any Lattes establishment at University.

Southampton is leading the way in this first ever Halls-Wide Waste Audit. The city’s first student run halls waste audit will be happening on Wednesday 24th of October from 2-3pm in Halls JCR Common Rooms all over Southampton.

You will gain hands-on experience in waste auditing, whilst improving your CV, collecting graduate passport points and we’ll even give you a certificate. You will also be contributing to the improvement of the University’s Recycling System and pioneering campus-wide sustainability.

Did you know that the University wants to have a recycling rate of 60% by July 2013 and is currently only on 46.5% – we need to help them out!


To sign up, email and remember: you must be a first year Southampton University student to sign up. In the email you should include:

✔ Student ID Number

✔ First and Last Name

✔ Halls of Residence

✔ A quick reason for signing up


Get involved guys! To find out more, check out the Facebook page here:

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