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Relive the Freshers’ Ball!


It might seem AGES ago that 2300 Freshers’ all got dressed up to celebrate the end of their Freshers’ Week, but it’s never too late to relive such an incredible evening; and thanks to our student-run Media Departments, you can!


 Read the Edge review to relive all the acts and entertainment through the night.



And then hear what Freshers’ had to say about the rides, price and overall event in this Surge News Special.



Oh but maybe you want to see what we’re talking about? Well how about seeing if you got caught by SUSUtv in their Freshers’ Ball video.





And then round it all off by reading the Wessex Scene story on EVERYTHING that happened from people getting dressed to the sweaty dancing.


It’s like you were there, isn’t it? Well maybe you were there! Check the photos and tag yourself!

We hope everyone enjoyed their Freshers Ball experience… Whether it was the live music, the comedy or the clubbing, remember that SUSU is putting on these events for you every week, Freshers’ Week was just the start!

Media & Comms love

Davey G


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