What The Feedback?

For years, students have highlighted that feedback on assessment as the major issue they have with the quality of their University experience, and has always been a major focus for Sabbatical Officers past and present. I want your help in addressing this, by giving your thoughts on feedback.

In the past year, the University has made considerable improvements, with the most recent National Student Survey results showing an 8% increase in feedback satisfaction, but the fact that that places the University at 105th in the country is a sign of the journey we still need to go on. There is also the Quality Handbook that outlines what students should expect from feedback (page 12 onward), which is continuing to be developed.

Over the past 12 months, especially, a lot of work has been carried out by both SUSU to try and tackle the issue:

  • developed a Feedback Benchmark grid (see photo),
  • conducted a qualitative research piece of 194 students of what they wanted from feedback and assessment,
  • worked extensively with Faculty Officers and Academic Presidents to define what good feedback is,
  • highlighted and shared best practice from other courses across the University,
  • collated samples of feedback from students, highlighting good and bad practice,
  • and made it a focus of Course Rep communication and training.

Now, with all this information, and with further impotus from the University to address feedback, following further complaints from the Quality Assurance Agency, I am preparing a(nother) report to present to the University’s senior academics – but I need your help.

I want to know what you feel are the most important parts to effective feedback on assessment – and you can tell me here.

I’ll take all the results and calculate (overall, as well as by Faculty and course) what students feel should be a priority for lecturers when giving feedback, before I then use all the work we have previously conducted to delve deep into the detail of what that means.

I’m planning to finish the report by the start of December, so please fill this in within the next few weeks! Thanks!

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