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The International Student Experience

Every year, Universities around the country take part in a survey called ‘I-barometer’, which gives us a chance to find out what ALL international students think about their University experience.

SUSU loves every chance it gets to hear what students think and how they’re enjoying their time. Each year we make sure that we shout about the things that you’re loving, so that more students can enjoy them too; and also plan ahead to fix the things that you’re not loving.


Things that you’ve said you’re satisfied with:

Student satisfaction with SUSU – 96.8%

Student satisfaction with clubs / societies – 93.6%

Worship facilities satisfaction – up 5% from last year (and since then we’ve done further redevelopments of the Muslim prayer space)

… And then there are things that you’ve said are important that we’re working on:

Catering – is the #1 most used facility and with only 78.7% satisfaction – so we spent £400 000 on developing a mature space where students can eat on campus throughout the day – The Bridge.

Social facilities – only have 77.9% satisfaction – so we’re investing massive resources into developing a master plan for our social spaces.

Performance feedback on your degrees received a low score of 71.3% – so it’s one of the 3 main goals of the year for our Vice President Academic Affairs, Sasha Watson.

You can see the whole results of the survey here – Ibarometer – 2012 results

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