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Highlights from #SUSUcouncil in tweets

What a Union Council yesterday! Not only did 4 policies get passed, but we also got #SUSUcouncil trending WORLDWIDE! – well not quite…

We started off the session with a presentation from your VP Winchester and Sites, Nicole, about the Sites Review! After two years, SUSU finally has a plan for how to make some real changes to our satellite sites and students studying on placement.

I hear that it was a pretty snazzy presentation as well… you’ll have to ask Nicole if you want to see it again.

After the first policy got passed about a simpler way of approving by-laws, we then moved onto the Standing Committee Review.

After 5 amendments and 4 months of work, and lots of discussion back and forth, the policy finally got passed, but there’s still some work to do on fine-tuning the names.

Moving onto policy numero tres, Nightline finally have a student leader position created for them, which will be elected in the Spring term along with the other SUSU positions.

The final policy was about SUSU keeping full minutes for all it’s standing committees, which enjoyed another great discussion, and was eventually passed.

After the policy stage, council then went into accountability mode. Starting with the Sabbaticals reading out their reports. Another big congratulations to SUSUtv who were a credit to SUSU when they went to the NaSTA London Conference in November.

The main feature of, President, Sam Ling’s report was a letter to all students about ending a culture of bullying and personal attacks, that the referendum has been a catalyst for – itĀ receivedĀ a long applause from all councillors and much love on the twittersphere.

And after all that fun and excitement, the Sabbaticals answered some questions that had been sent in in advance and we announced the Council Star. This is dedicated to a student who has done fantastic volunteering for SUSU in the last 6 weeks, which was awarded to Ellie Sellwood – for her fantastic organisation of the Wessex Scene through the Referendum.

Council will be back to your twitter feed and the Senate Room on Monday 11th February!

Democracy Love

Davey G


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