Societies Affiliation: Live Blog

Societies Committee is meeting now to consider the affiliation of 18 student groups that want to affiliate themselves to SUSU.

15:10 – Socs Officer (Jade Head) briefs the committee as to how this will go down. Each group will get 3 mins to present why they should be an affiliated society, there will then be three mins for questions, then 4 mins deliberation for the committee.

15:12 – First up Northern Irish Society, 4 northen irish chaps present. Highlights for me so far watching ulster matches and eating ulster fries.

15:14 – Question 1 – are non-NI people allowed to be members. A. more than happy to welcome people from NI, Rep of Ireland or elsewhere.

15:15 Q2 – why do you need support from SUSU rather than just doing this? A. publicity, they want to reach wider than just their friends.

15:16 – I like their accents.

15:16 – Q3. More of a suggestion about working with Erasmus students from NI coming over

15:17 – Committee seem to like it, ‘this is exactly what we are here for’, a few sprucing  of the RA and getting some email support and Northern Ireland Society will be on their way to success.

15:17 – Northern Ireland Society –  Affiliated

15:22 – Up Next  ‘Believers’ Loveworld Society’

15:23 – They are a religious society and BLW is in more than 50 universities in the UK.

15:24 – They will meet once a week, and minister students as to how they prepare their life.

15:25 – Question1 – Could you explain about the healing skills? a. its about more than praying, its about faith in your religion, faith in your studies and faith in yourself.

15:26 – Q3 – Please explain more about your weekly meetings. a. The presenter claims to have been healed and also can see now because of her faith and her brain.

15:28 – check out the mem and arts that explain about how SUSU works with faith groups:

”3.2 The Objects are to be carried out in complete independence of all religious and
political groups and in such a manner as not to discriminate unreasonably between

15:29 – Apparently this is more than just a religion.

15:30 – Q4. is it okay to advertise that your society can cure cancer? a. there are lots of testimonies on their website that say they can.

15:37 – long deliberation from the committee. Discussing the aims and how they aligned to the the presentation.

15:40 – The committee have decided that they wanted more information in order to get further clarity on some areas raised.

15:43 – Believers’ Loveworld Society – Deferred

15:45 – Biological Sciences Postgraduate Society (BSPS) – Presentation from 4 students. So far they’ve secured a deal with the uni £10/head. They have also done a pizza night.

15:46 – Talking about working with BioSoc atm.

15:47 – No more links with Life Sciences Postgrad Society as the faculties have split up.

15:48 – Q1. Why would it be better to have a separate society rather than a sub committee for BioSoc. A. Its better to diversify and concentrate on what they are good at, suggestion to have an undergrad rep on their committee.

15:51 – Reasonable discussion with committee about BioSoc overlap, however there is a clear need for this society and there are people keen to run it.

15:52 – Biological Sciences Postgraduate Society ( BSPS) – Affiliated

15:55 – CookCook Society – Two members who are presenting an idea about a society which teaches people how to cook quick healthy meals in a fun process. Targeted at freshers and helping them to learn cooking. Also good for people who like cooking too!  

15:57 – Socials watching cooking programs. (Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook for me personally).

15:57 – Q1. Where would you cook? A. Not sure..

15:58 – Q2. More about H&S. A. Still not sure.

15:59 – Q. Perhaps you could look into other options ie kitchens etc.. a. yes we would look into this.

15:59 – Q. Cross over with good food? a. no, they are more about tasting we are about cooking.

16:00 – Committee like it, only small worry is about that SUSU has no space to facilitate this activity. Want to recommend they consider having a H&S officer.

16:02 CookCook Society – Affiliated 

16:03 – Southampton University Education Society

16:03  – ohh ‘Southampton Uni’  bit off brand… University of Southampton!

16:05 – Two members present. Course started last year, and they have finally got a gang together to organise stuff for Education Students. Elected officers last Easter and now have a Christmas social planned. Aim to plan talks etc.

16:06 q. Would you change to USES, A. Yes! (woop! back on brand!)

16:06 – q. is it just a Bsc a. Yes!

16:07 – University of Southampton Education Society – Affiliated 

16:08 –  up next: Engineers Without Borders Southampton Society

16:09 – Three members present. Basically they use engineering based students to help out in projects in international development. Helping the students practice and the people in the countries. They are affiliated with a national organisation. They also want to work with schools.

16:10 – q. how will you work with Engineering Society? a. We are working with them currently.

16:13 – q. about intellectual property, a. Need to look into it.

16: 14 – Bit of a convo about international trips, but overall happy to affiliate!

16:16 –  Engineers Without Borders Southampton Society – Affiliated

16:23 – Having a quick break. If your following check out: http://www.buzzfeed.com/daves4/people-who-are-having-a-worse-day-than-you

16:24 – Euroavia Southampton (ES) Soceity

16:24 – Two members present, a branch of a european wide aerospace students network.

16:27 –  q. is there an issue with cross over between Engineering Society or ESN a. not really, this is not focused on international students and also is very specific to aero students, also there will be loads of employ ability opportunities.

16:30 – Question about Airbuses involvement with Euroavia. Lots of discussion about how removed this society is from airbus.

16:35 – Check out the policy we are discussing here: https://blogs.unionsouthampton.org/policy/2003/05/15/the-arms-industry-and-the-students%E2%80%99-union/#content

16:35 – After confirming that ES Society wouldn’t be getting any direct funding from Airbus committee happily affiliated them!

16:38 -Euroavia Southampton (ES) Society – Affiliated

16:39 – You’ll like this one, Fancy Dress Society!

16:39 – They want to raise the standard of fancy dress across the Students’ Union. (I thought I was pretty good #smurphs)

16:40 – They want to provide a consultation service for students looking to take on trickier costumes, members get 15% discount from pwood fancy dress store, working with an online fancy dress website.

1641 – q. What’s the longevity of this society? a. They have a load of 2nd years and are keen to put as much passion in as possible.

16:42 – Not Much discussion, we like it!

16:43 – Fancy Dress Society – Affiliated!

16:44 – Lawyers without Borders Southampton Student Division

16:44 – Two members present, currently explaining how they don’t cross over with similar societies.

16:45 – No one is above the law. (Perhaps haven’t seen Judge Dredd).

16: 46 – Essentially they work on projects across the world.

16:46 – Loads of stuff going on, including Christmas diner tonight!

16:47 – q. how would you work with other societies. b, they answered well.

16:48 – When they left the room for deliberation they wouldn’t leave there stuff, obviously we dont look to trustworthy!

16:48 – Lawyers without Borders Southampton Student Division -Affiliated!

16:50 – Piano Soc

16:50 – Not about being really good at piano, but there is room for that also, clear bunch of socials too. (for those of you who can’t see, so most of you, their hoodies are cool).

16:53 – Question about pianos on campus.

16:53 – Question about publicity, they have a facebook group… apparently their new technique is spamming. https://www.facebook.com/UoSPianosoc?fref=ts

16:54 – Piano Soc left there bags! and are now affiliated!

16:54 – Piano Society – Affiliated

16:55 – bit of confusion about who the next soc was, almost made some Russian lads show us some Popping!

16:56 – So Russian Society

16:56 – 77 facebook members, all about helping Russian students whilst also promoting Russian culture.

16:57 – Sounds pretty good, some Russian holiday based socials!

16:58 – New role of Secretary Slash Social Manager! Awesome roll!

16:59 – ahh my bad its Russian Speaking Society!

16.59 – all about uniting students from all the Russian speaking countries. Only 10% Russian students.

17.00 – The committee love the accents and love the idea!

17.00 – Russian Speaking Society – Affiliated 

17.02 – Popping Society… (Dargan wants them to dance)

17.03 – They aren’t keen to demonstrate. (Dargan is not happy).

17.04 – Why is this different to Street and Break Dancing? Answer about the different style.

17.05 – Committee decided that this is two specific and also crosses over a lot with break and street dance! Claire (PA Officer) is going to work with them to put on a session within break dance.

17.06 – Popping Society – Not Affiliated

17.09 – Sport & Exercise Medicine Society (SEMSoc)

17.10 – Quite complicated for me to summarise (brain overload). Society looking at students who have an interest through their study with a specific focus to sports injury etc…

17.11 – Question from MedSoc,  they have sub socs, would it be better to be under medsoc? SEMSoc works with more than just medics. A. this will apply to a wider spectrum of students such as Biology etc…

17.15 – How is this different to Health and Fitness? are you aware of them?a.  Yes we are! This is more about learning opportunities.

17.17 – battery is dying! We like SEMSoc!

17.17  – SEMSoc –  Affiliated!

17.24 – after a short break and a laptop charger found we have Population and Geography Society

17.25 – Introduction to the committee, they have a manifesto…. but they are looking for society representation.

17.26 – Organise socials, mentoring scheme. No membership fee. But would organise hoodies. Facebook page with 45 members.

17.26 – Q1. James (Accademic rep/geography president) Worry that this would fracture off from GeogSoc? Perhaps a PopGeog Rep on GeogSoc. A. One of the committee is on the course rep, and they feel like they are underrepresented.

17.27 – Q2. How are you not duplicating GeogSocs aims? big discussion between all about sub committees etc..

17.31 – Suggestion that PopGeog could be a subcommittee of GeogSoc.

17.32 – Seems to be two issues. 1. socials and 2. academic representation.

17.39 – After conversation, its a no go, there’s to much overlap with geography!

17.40 – Pop Geog Society –  Not affiliated!

17.41 – Coming up now – Afghan Society

17.42 – About promoting the Afghan culture etc, ideas such as language classes.

17.44 – Quick question about Eid, apparently afghans have different food at Eid interesting!

17.45 – Let’s affiliate them, go on then!

17.46 – Afghan Society –  Affiliated

17.47 – Next up Amicus Society….

17.49 – Aim to raise awareness regarding miscarriages of justice (mainly in the US). Another Legal one!

17:51 – Q. Could you be part of LawSoc? B. They offer internships, and this has a broader scope than just LawSoc

17:52 – Q. Is this similar to Innocence Project? A. It’s not…

17.53 – They trust us, they left their bag, its looking good for them, everyone seems happy!

17.54 – 3 Hours later im slightly regretting starting this!

17.55 – University of Southampton Amicus Society –  Affiliated!

17.56 – Audiology Society

17.56 – Aims: better interaction between different year groups, better learning for all the years, external speakers.

17.58 – Recruitment days, easier to organise speakers.

18.01 – Engineering Society aren’t really what these guys need.

18.02 – These guys look in peoples ears.

18.03 –  Audiology Society –  Affiliated!

18.05 – last one! Zumba+ Society

18.05 – Vice Social Sec…. oooooooOOOOooo

18.05 – Zumba Plus is more than just Zumba!

18.06 – Bocwa or something is the new Zumba apparently!

18.07 – my mother loves it!

18.08 – You dont have to be athletic to do it. (Guess i could try it then!)

18.09 – Currently 70 people come a week! Currently considering membership!

18.10 –  Overwhelming Affiliation!

18.11 – Zumba+ Society – Affiliated! 

18.15 – Budget Allocation Round 2 – Passed!

18.20 – MedSoc Allocation  Grant –  Approved!

18.22 – Congratulations to the 13 Societies we affiliated!

18.25 – Good Night and Good Luck!


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