#Engage12 – Twelve Days of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me
Twelve Naked Months,
Eleven Standing Committees,
Ten new JCRs Committees,
Nine pairs of performances,
Eight new societies (plus 5),
Seven Zone Members,
Six Student-a-leaders,
Five New Websites,
Four RAG Raids,
Three All Nighters,
Two incubator rooms,
And a bunfight in a freshers week!

It’s Christmas Day and as I sit here in my Santa Onesie it’s the perfect opportunity to reflect on all of the achievements that the Engagement Zone (essentially all of the areas VP SE looks after) have achieved in the past 18 months and in particular the last few!

221273_443307632403229_1649111053_oThe rhyme above starts to summarise some of the things that have happend in the world of SUSU engagement over the last few months, and I’m not gunna lie lots has happend! So I’m going to take the opportunity over the next 12 days to highlight some of the cool things that we have been up to in SUSU to get you more engaged in Your JCRs, RAG, Student Enterprise, Union Films, Performing Arts & Societies.


1 – The Bunfight

Every year during Freshers Week SUSU runs our annual Bunfight where thousands of students come along to see all of our affiliated Societies and Sports Clubs and find out how they can get involved in what they love. This year was no exception was no exception, 1000s of you braved the weather to come and see the vast amount of activities  have at SUSU to join in with.

On top of our usual bunfight we had a guide to explain to you what the order of the stalls would be (as per Jade’s Manifesto) so you new what to expect as you walked around, and also launched our mobile get involved site www.susu.org/getinvolved  where you can register your interest in Student Groups giving them the ability to email you about their group.This was ideal for those who couldn’t attend the bunfight, or happened to miss the stall they were after in the hustle and bustle!

On top of this Jade (Societies Officer) worked with her team to produce a virtual bunfight where you could go on and see all of the societies stalls!

Essentially for our first day of  12 Christmas Engagement Stories we stepped up the bunfight to being more than just a day but also an online platform to make our student groups much more accesible to you. Check out this blog to find out how we are helping you to do what you love even more.

Merry Christmas!

Smurphy x


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