#Engage12 – A Warm Welcome


2- A Warm Welcome


It’s the second day of Christmas and number two on the countdown of successes has to go to our JCR Committees and Freshers Reps who did an outstanding job at welcoming over 4000 students to the University and to becoming a part of the SUSU community.


Despite some of the worst weather we have seen during move in weekend in over 6 years (or at least as long as Sam Ling can remember) all 300 of these student volunteers turned up to help all the freshers move in and settle into life away from home! This year SUSU opened all of its facilites on campus and for the first time hosted an on campus hat fair with a whole host of street acts as well as the whole Union Buildings open for new students to come down and explore.

For the first time during freshers each JCR Committee hosted numerous events for the JCR members with alternative options on almost every evening to allow new students to find the freshers experience that suited them!

And to top it off the JCR committees continued to give each JCR member a present in the form of a JCR t-shirt to welcome them into their new home and community. This is something we have only been doing for two years but something that I personally love and hope carries on forward.

As I said before the JCR Committees and the Fresher Reps were and awesome welcome team which from my experience were constantly out there to create a positive experience for new students.

You guys deserve a massive pat on the back, and easily make it into the #Engage12.

Smurphy x

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