#Engage12 – Take it to the Floor

This will be a very quick blog as im in a hurry to have some curry for a classic Murphy family meal follows the authoring of this blog.

For many years, the words mirrors and sprung flooring in the activities room have always been a bit of a buzz for easy manifesto promises to say to get votes from Performing Arts. But for these many years the activities room has never been changed… mainly because mirrors and flooring in that one room are not the solution to the problem!

SUSUPA Dance do three things essentially Practice, Compete and Perform. And for all three of those things the flooring we had was not suitable:

1. Practice – we have the MPS Dance Studio which is ideal for dance classes/practice but you don’t need a protractor to work out that theres not enough hours in the evening to satisfy all of the dance societies requirements.

2. Competitions – SUSUPA Dance have been looking to host a dance competition for over two years now and one of the barriers they are facing is the lack of a flooring to host competitions on.

3. Perform – Like all PA groups dancers like to show off there talents, and they do it in such an epic way, Pure Dance. This is defo on my recommended list of things to do during your time at uni. (Having said that most PA shows are wicked, and im gutted I didn’t get myself along to some of them earlier!). For Pure Dance the groups have to hire in a flooring at quite a considerable price!

6 – Portable Dance Flooring!


So this summer SUSU have bought portable flooring that can be used in a variety of locations allowing us to enable more people to become dancing dinosaurs. We can set up the activities room to allow smaller classes or squads to pracise, we can set it up in the cube to allow us to host Southamptons first ever dance competition! and we can set up in the turner simms to save money on show costs for pure dance!

If you recon your Club or Society might want to use this flooring you can book it alongside a room by using the SUSU Room Booking System and including it as a note in your booking 🙂 . We also have portable mirrors on there way to a room bookings system near you soon.

Check out how the dance presidents reacted when they first found the flooring in SUSU…

Essentially Mirrors & Flooring… Done!

Smurph x

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