#Engage12 – Happy New Year!

First Things First…. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!

Once again I didn’t write a blog yesterday on NYE however hopefully you will forgive me for giving you two today, and to make up for it check out this classic Portswood Lookalike:

Left: Troll, Right: David Gilani

7 – Societies Media Wide

This year Jade and Societies Committee have really pushed forward how we as SUSU are supporting Societies by advertising what they are doing using our student led media channels. On top of allowing committees to add their events to the SUSU calendar, the team have been involved with the Wessex Scene and Surge.

So far every printed edition of the Wessex Scene has had a Societies Column which has a round up of upcoming events from all Societies, on top of this we have just started up our own Surge Radio Show (keep an eye out next term!). And not to mention the Societies Affiliation Live Blog! 

But all in all tremendous work on making SUSU Societies more accessible!


8 – Elections of new JCR Committees!

As always in november we elected JCR Committee members to represent all 10 of the JCRs (Essentially Students in Halls or Private Rented). Every Student is a member of a JCR, however it’s main focus is on settling in first years and getting them involved in SUSU.

After two rounds of elections im delighted to say that every JCR except for 4 postions (out of 96 odd) is full and has student officers elected into position.

Having met most of them at the Training Day in Winchester I’m personally really excited to see refreshers week and beyond unfold! Currently plans are beavering away for this years Come Party With Me, check out the videos from last year:

Come Party With Me – Episode One

8 Down, 4 to go!  #Engage12 🙂

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