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“It’s halfway through what has been an extremely exciting term in office for the Sabbaticals. To mark the new year, the Sabbatical team are writing mid-term reports to update you with what we’ve been up to and the sorts of things we’ve been dealing with, as well as the plans we have for the remaining 6 months.
You can read up on our regular reports to Union Council and goals here, as well as our manifestos (just click on your favourite face)here, and remember, in a month’s time, we’ll be electing the next Sabbatical team – so if you have any questions about our roles – get in touch!
Also, next Tuesday and Wednesday at 5pm, we’re running a Twitter Q&A session – just use #askSUSUsabbs and join the discussion! –
The Sabbatical Team”


Rokay! Its my go to share with you what I actually do, and boy has it been challenging! But i’ve enjoyed every moment…

To give you a bit of a picture of how I started working with SUSU, I thought i’d start by painting you my tale.

Once upon a short time ago, I was but a little fish living in a little pond called Winchester, studying Fine Art. It was a time where all I did was what I loved, expressing ideas and communicated my theories within the world of visual culture. Ignorance was bliss during this time… That, dear blog readers, was only 8 months ago. My time in the pond came to an end around May time, deadline’s were vastly approaching, and the flood gates, open. This is when 2 rather big fish led me down the estuaries and into the mouth of the sea (also known as SUSU!).

I’ve always wondered about this mysterious sea during my time in the pond, I sometimes spoke with my fellow fish about what it is and does for us, since we are bound to it by the rivers, and often took advantage of it when it’s tides came our way.

Now, I am part of it, and what a journey it has taken me on so far! I have since evolved into something you blog readers may know as a Sabbatical, along with 6 others.

So there you go, my story! And with all this said and done, the question still remains; what am I doing? Well here goes!

The review of the surrounding sites. – When I began residing in these waters, I was mandated to conduct a sites review by the seas council, to find out and develop understanding of what happens at our sites, and how we can best support them and amplify their voice. This took a huge chunk of my time, in fact it took approximately 5-6 months to complete the first 2 stages of the review, which is:

1. Audit – understand what students want at each site and how they operate

2. Vision – understanding of what students want out of SUSU

The third stage is all about achieving the vision, and using the information from the audit and feedback from the students to implement those goals. to gain a snapshot shot of what these goals are, click here to see what I presented at the last council.

Now comes the really fun part, I get to start implementing it all! So here’s whats coming up…

Give it a Go – Back to the shores of Winchester, we are putting together an opportunity that will give WSA students the chance to try something new. Across February there will be a whole host of new activities and events put on in the Union for student to have a go at, and the best part of it all, it will be free. The activities and events range from Zumba to life drawing, to contemporary dance. It won’t stop there though. The activities which they have most enjoyed will be continued right through until the summer, and if they fancy having a go at running a group yourself, they can! Give it a go is all about empowering our students, and making the union what you want it to be, if there’s something you want to see happen at your union, Give it a Go month will help you do just that.

Sabbs on tour!!! of, the sites… –  Now it is time for the other sabbs to sail into the shallow waters or their seascapes, as we feel as a team it is important to ensure that students on site have regular and sustainable access to student officers. We want to make sure that every student’s experience of being a site student is heard and also learn more about how we can make a greater impact on each site.

We have started this by putting together a timetable, which will allocate each sabb a time, day and a site to visit each week, so there will be regular and scheduled interaction with students that can be advertised.

This will lead to Union officers getting regular exposure to sites, and students gaining better access to the Union. I’d warmly welcome any student leader who would like to join. Here’s a list of who’s going where;

Winchester School of Art – Sam and Dean
Southampton General Hospital – Shane and Chloe
National Oceanography Centre – David and Sasha

Something for everyone – Projects are underway for you other sites to support and cater to you. But unfortunately, it’s too soon to give away! What I can tell you, is that these projects are aimed at developing a strategy that focuses on providing opportunities for everyone at different sites. So for those who study at the NOC, SGH or even at other placement campuses, don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten about you!

So, there you have it folks. From fishy tales to the review, and to starting up projects everyone can dip their tails into! As always, any thoughts, ideas, questions or comments about the blog or my role, c’mon… Get in touch! Savvy?

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