Wanna Be An Action Hero?


Do you fancy setting up music lessons for kids with learning difficulties? Or maybe you want to set up a summer soup kitchen? Maybe you’d like to support a community group with their environmental impact? Whatever it is, you’ll need advice, support and a little bit of money: all things SUSU wants to give you, through our new project, Community Action.

SUSU is getting hot on heroics. This month, we are launching Community Action, a brand new venture into sustainable change in our community. We seek to give all the necessary money, guidance and resource to groups of students who have an aspiration and just need a hand to get it off the ground.


We recognise that plenty of students want to volunteer to give something back, or make their CV super snazzy, but maybe the right project isn’t out there for them. This is why Community Action is so great: we are giving you guys complete control of the idea, the budget and the outcome. All you need to do is tell us why it’s such an awesome plan, with a little consideration to sustainability and impact, and we’ll help you out.

To find out the areas of most need in the community, we’ve been in touch with Southampton Voluntary Services, an amazing organisation in the city who coordinate voluntary action. They have outlined to us a list of issues/social groups that could do with some voluntary action at the moment, including gambling, social cohesion, and disability support. We want to know which areas do you feel are most pressing, so get onto our survey now to tell us. We’ll let you know which themes are the most popular next week; applications which focus on the winning themes will be given priority, but all other applications will be considered.

The ring-fenced Action Fund for you guys to apply to will be doled out at several times throughout the year. A panel of students and staff will decide which projects look the most sustainable, impressive and useful as and when the applications come in. For this first launch though, we are setting an initial deadline of 9am on February 20th as the panel will meet for the first time later that day.  Your idea could come to life as soon as the next few months, so get on it!

Find out more information at and if you’d like to submit a project proposal, request an application form from

Get your cape on and be a hero!

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