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Want to become a member of Union Council?

This Monday (4th February) at 5pm we have our third Union Council of the year, where we’re doing something special!

8 students have a chance to run to get a seat on Union Council – the Highest Decision Making body in the Union. It’s an opportunity specifically created to help more students get involved in SUSU decision making.

Union Councillors are there to held direct the policy making in SUSU, helping give us direction on the issues that students care about, and to hold our officers to account, making sure that they keep to their plans.

If you’re interested in running for the position, then all you need to do is come along and say why you think you deserve the position and then Council votes on it.

If you’ve never been to Union Council before, here’s how you get there:

Here’s some other stuff that’s happening at this coming Union Council that you might be interested in:

– We’ll be looking at the redevelopment projects and big spending that we can do over the summer

– Discussing what ethics policies we should have about external companies and their practices

– Our policy on student groups and initiations

– Video recording of lectures

– Constitutional changes from SUSU becoming a charity and the Standing Committee Review

– the reports of your Sabbaticals and Student Leaders – with a chance to ask them questions. 

You can read more about Union Council here and check up on the papers beforehand so you feel confident with what’s going on in the meeting – if you have any questions about it, then just ask.


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