Why Southampton is better than Portsmouth…

It is a long standing tradition for neighbouring universities to hold a large sporting event once a year known as a varsity competition in a bid to prove the superior sporting university.


SUSU used to have a long standing competition with Southampton Solent, but after many years of us continually coming out on top we decided that we perhaps needed a slightly more challenging opponent (after all what’s the glory in winning a trophy that you didn’t even have to work for).

In 2009 we challenged Portsmouth to come to Southampton to show us what they had to offer. Although more of a challenge they were still comfortably defeated, and every year since they have tried again, but despite always putting in a brave effort have always been sent home at the end of the day with their tails between their legs.Posted Image

I am now glad to officially announce that in our varsity’s 5th year we will be taking the fight to Portsmouth for the first time in the event’s history. Using the amazing facilities of the Royal Navy School of Physical Training at HMS Temeraire which include glass backed squash courts with viewing galleries, and water based synthetic hockey pitches as used for international competitions. On top of all this the site is only a stone’s throw away from the Portsmouth union’s (UPSU) bars.

The event will be held on the 17th of March which will serve as a perfect round up of two amazing terms of sport that have seen our Stags American football team currently leading their league with wins in every game, our men’s table tennis team in a similar position, and countless other teams leading or challenging for the top spot in their respective competitions.

We are currently working on finalising the fixtures list, getting all of the transport and merchandise sorted, and making sure we have the best official varsity after party that Southampton has ever seen!

If you have any suggestions on how we can make the event even better please send them to with the title ‘varsity suggestions’, and like this blog if you think we are going to smash Pompey this year!

Dean Giant x

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2 Comments on "Why Southampton is better than Portsmouth…"

  1. Dean
    01/02/2013 at 9:38 pm Permalink

    Shame there’ll be a shit turnout and we’ll not be able to send our best teams to prove it. Having it outside of term time is one of the most stupid of decisions that a sabb has made; and that list includes thinking yes to nus was a good idea.

    You can make all the excuses about facilities and doing our best – but that’s not good enough – it has to be when the vast majority of people are around – i.e. during term. It’s always been in term, even when we “played” the institute/solent so why change it.

    If we lose (which there is a significantly higher chance this year over any other due to missing top competitors) it still counts as a loss no matter what excuses we actually have and Pompey end up with the trophy. Not impressed.

    Also – why hasn’t the date been officially publicised by the AU yet? Portsmouth have been pushing it since before Christmas and the only reason we knew about it was a few smart students that found the facebook event and the soton tab writing an article on it’s poor timing. (a note in your blog entry is insufficient)

  2. Dean
    02/02/2013 at 10:28 am Permalink

    Hi Unimpressed, thanks for your comment. We are actually looking forward to a great turnout this year with many coming out to play and support the event that will be a great culmination of two amazing terms of sport before heading home for Easter. We have been liaising with clubs, and the vast majority will be able to be (and will be) travelling united to Portsmouth on the 17th of March.

    I will not however simply brush over the issue that there are a minority of teams that will have difficulty fielding their best team on the day, but we are asking clubs to let us know if this is the case, and are actively working with these to make sure that both: matches get played, and we are fielding our best teams. In some cases this may mean that (as has happened in every single other year we have run varsity), to ensure everyone can take part, some of the individual contests are held on alternative days. I personally feel that having such a large and diverse sporting event that needs to spill over several days to fit it all in is something to be hugely proud of. Especially when the event is so young!

    One thing I don’t understand though is why you are talking our clubs down? You accuse me of making excuses, but it seems as if you are expecting us to lose and are looking for excuses yourself. I’m confident in the abilities of our amazing teams that train and compete hard, week in, week out with many of them relishing the opportunity to challenge Pompey (an institution that we don’t face in BUCS) on their home turf for the first time.

    We will be starting the main build up to varsity shortly, tying in the promotion of varsity and other key events such as alumni day into a campaign that is almost ready to launch to publicise big home fixtures, and to give our clubs the recognition that they deserve for the hard work they put in, and the fantastic things they achieve. This will also include a brand new SUSU trophy cabinet which should be in place just in time to welcome back the varsity trophy at the end of term.

    I hope that you’ll be joining us on the 17th of March when we once again leave Portsmouth disappointed, and come home with the trophy.

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