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The results of the most hotly contested Council election…

Just last week at Union Council, we saw 27 students stand up and run for a position on Union Council, known as the Open Councillor positions.

As part of the Union Council review, 2 years ago, we introduced 8 positions on Union Council that would be elected at the start of the 2nd semester, so that any student who had developed an interest from the start of that year could get involved and help make political change at SUSU.

Any student can run for these 8 positions, and while last year we didn’t even see them all get filled, this year 27 candidates went for the positions! We used the STV voting system, and below are the successful candidates in the order that they were elected:

1. Sophie Van Eetveltcouncil elections

2. Matthew Hicken

3. Simon Duncan

4. Joel Young

5. Laura Mason

6. David Gunns

7. Simon Boyce

8. Jack Kanani

Congratulations to you all! And well done to all the candidates for putting themselves forward.

The next meeting on Union Council is on 4th March at 5pm (here’s how to get there), and whilst only Union Councillors can vote, ANY student can attend and speak about the issues that they care about. Any student can submit ideas and proposals as well.

If you’re interested in sitting on Union Council, whether a unsuccessful candidate, or just someone reading this blog, there are lots of positions available as part of the main Spring Elections – so check it out!

Democracy Love

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5 Comments on "The results of the most hotly contested Council election…"

  1. David
    13/02/2013 at 12:25 pm Permalink

    I don’t really feel that this is democratic. If these people are representing me, why didn’t I get a chance to vote?

  2. David
    13/02/2013 at 2:42 pm Permalink

    You’ve got a good point, Me (referring to you as ‘Me’ is going to make this confusing)…

    Considering that these Open Councillors have the same voting rights and responsibilities as councillors, who were voted for by the entire student body, it is an odd system that they should only have up to around 60 people voting them into their positions. I’d say that it was the system that was used last year, but that’s not really an acceptable reason to continue it…

    The intention behind this system was to reduce barriers for people to get involved with council. All they have to do is come along to a meeting and put themselves forward, and as we can see by the candidate numbers, we’ve now achieved that.

    Perhaps, looking to the future, Me, we could think about a system where any student could vote for the Councillors online, or perhaps anyone who attends the council meeting can vote on that particular election.

    Cheers for speaking up, Me.

  3. David
    14/02/2013 at 12:28 am Permalink

    Thanks for the response David, however I feel it’s a pretty flawed system.

    Considering I’m aware that the councillors voted online anyway, it was probably more hassle then just letting every student vote.

    I’m only saying this because it seems unfair on these people that they only had to sell themselves to 60 (I’m guessing, I have no idea of the real number!) people, and the other leaders had to convince hundreds/thousands.

    Plus it makes it more cliquey, and isn’t SUSU meant to be trying to break down those barriers?

  4. David
    14/02/2013 at 4:10 pm Permalink

    Me, I think I agree with you.

    I believe that there is some benefit in not having an election online so close to the main SUSU elections, but overall, we probably should look next year to make it open to all students to vote – whether that be just the timeframe of doing it online, or making it so that anyone can vote in the Union Council meeting.

    Cheers again for your thoughts.


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