What is that Ugly Building on Campus?

Other than the terrifyingly beautiful maths building, the second on the list is the Nuffield Theatre. The Nuffield is a 450 seater producing theatre based in the centre of Highfield Campus. Each year SUSU get just one week in this fantastic theatre.

Next week is our slot and this year Showstoppers present the phenomenal true story of Parade in the Nuffield Theatre

Set in 1913 Georgia, Parade is based on the true story of Leo Frank, a Jewish Northern man, accused of murdering a young girl in his factory.

Filled with Jason Robert Brown’s music of love songs, parade marches and a few soul tracks it appeals to audiences both young and old. A powerful musical that challenges the audiences concept of “the other” whilst still having them giggle along to the factory girls and their gossip is a show that cannot, and should not, be missed.

Showstoppers is the University of Southampton’s award winning Musical Theatre group.

£16 Adult
£10 Student
£9 Performing Arts

Performing arts tickets can only be bought on the door or over the phone due to the fact they require a PA card.

Buy them on the door or online here.

Also check out the Facebook event here.

Next year for the first time any Peforming Arts Society can pitch to have this slot in the nuffield theatre. For more info check out the folder here. It contains a booklet on pitching (how to get the show), what the Nuffield slot actually entails and all key dates.

PA committee would also like to come to as many committees as possible to talk to your and your members to answer any questions. Please email mailto: perform@susu.org with your next committee meeting time, date and location!

This is an amazing opportunity for your society or individuals in your society to do something creative, different, or show off in a new space!

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2 Comments on "What is that Ugly Building on Campus?"

  1. Hannah
    14/03/2013 at 12:52 pm Permalink

    Shameless shameless Performing Arts plug.

  2. Hannah
    14/03/2013 at 6:15 pm Permalink

    Hi Student,

    Whilst i agree it is most certainly a plug, i take no shame in my role of supporting our fantastic perfoming arts groups in their activities on campus and beyond.


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