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Surge’s 48 Hour Marathon

48 hour marathonSince Wednesday midnight, the DJs of Surge Radio have been out on the Redbrick in their big blue gazebo raising money for Comic Relief, and it’s not too late to make it worth their while.

eating chilli powder is just one of the sacrifices these DJs make24 shows have been planned and filled with fundraising activity to help them reach their goal of £500. With shows going all through the night, these student volunteers deserve some donations – so give your bit online right now.

Here’s what Head of Music, Matt Wimsett had to say about the occasion, in his interview with The Edge:

Nothing like a phallic totaliser to keep your spirits up at 4amThe marathon is important because it is becoming a huge Surge tradition. This will be the third time this has happened and each time the committee gets to put their own spin on it. And of course, we aim to raise as much money as possible for Comic Relief! The past marathons have raised around £500, and we would be over the moon to get anywhere near that!



So donate here, listen here, and get here (the redbrick) to see the Spring term out in style with Surge.

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