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The AGM is dead!

Okay… So maybe not dead completely, but the way it’s been treated in the past.

I see the SUSU Annual General Meeting (AGM) being most successful when we make it really easy for students to put forward ideas, discuss things that actually matter, and make this process accessible to ALL students… And that’s what we’re going to do…

1pm Wednesday 8th May in the Bridge

This is the year that you can register your proxy vote: So you can have your say on the big issues that come to the AGM even if you’re busy at the time, by registering your preference online beforehand. You can even cast your vote, whilst watching live on SUSUtv. Registering your proxy vote will open for all students on Tuesday 16th April and stay open until the morning of the AGM.

agm-220I’m so happy to be part of the team that can turn a small idea that I heard when volunteering with SUSUtv 2 years ago into a reality

This is the year you tell us what you care about: You don’t have to know lots of fancy words from Union council or even know how to write a Union Policy. Just write one sentence that expresses the change you’d like to see for students and submit your idea. You can submit your idea between Tuesday 16th April and Wednesday 24th.

This is the year where we discuss stuff that you actually care about. From the ideas that are submitted, all students will have one day from Wednesday 24th April to poll on the ideas that they care about. The top 4 most interesting and important ideas, chosen from your polling, will get support from our democracy team to be turned into full motions, that will then be debated at the AGM.

This is the year – and you can register your proxy vote and submit ideas NOW through the SUSU website.

David Gilani

Vice President Communications

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8 Comments on "The AGM is dead!"

  1. David
    31/03/2013 at 5:59 pm Permalink

    Hi Dave,

    Nice idea with proxy voting, will allow people deep into revision to get more involved, just a few questions:

    Just out of interest, why is it being held in the Bridge this year, rather than the Union Cinema as in previous years?

    Also, do we have a certain quorate number to reach still, as surely the Bridge holds less people than the Union Cinema.

    Finally, why is it in the Bridge at a time when it is usually full with people having lunch, especially when most of the tables will be moved for this? Surely during difficult financial times we want to make the Uni as much money as possible, and surely this will cost the Union money?



  2. David
    02/04/2013 at 6:58 pm Permalink

    Hey Oli, cheers for the comment, man.

    The main reason for me is that the Bridge has been a great venue for a lot of ‘democracy’ based events that we’ve held throughout the year – from the Police and Crime Commissioner debates, to the referendum – I think it’s success this year has been across a number of areas, not just commercial. Also the Cube is busy haha, but that’s not the main reason for me.

    We do still need to reach a quorum of 250 people, however, those who are registered online to proxy vote count towards this target, as they are able to vote on all the topics, like anyone there in person. The Bridge isn’t able to hold as many as the Cube, but for many years the Cube has been far from full, so previous year’s physical attendance would still fit comfortably in the Bridge. I believe that many more students will be willing to take part online because it’s more accessible, and it’ll be this that helps us get to 250.

    You’re right about the financial aspects of using the Bridge. We had an AGM steering group in the early days of the Easter break with some students to look at a variety of issues, including the venue, and have come up with some possible solutions to work with our head of commercial development. There are numerous ideas and ways which mean that we can use the Bridge without affecting its service to students. Including the possibility of using the Concourse for serving students and staff that afternoon.

    Good concerns to raise 🙂 And I don’t have a complete solution to them yet, but we’re getting there.

  3. David
    07/04/2013 at 11:32 am Permalink

    Just a thought…
    Most students don’t really care about union goings-on, and even those who care may forget which days online voting and registering etc are open. Can I suggest that like in the sabb elections, the internet homepage on these days on uni machines takes students straight to registering/polling? You may get a much higher turnout, and people who don’t usually bother with union stuff may at least look at the suggestions up for polling.

  4. David
    17/04/2013 at 5:55 pm Permalink

    Perhaps it might be useful to say how people submit their ideas

  5. David
    17/04/2013 at 6:25 pm Permalink

    Good thinking, Simon. This blog was created before the link to submit ideas was available – but you can now submit them here – http://www.susu.org/agm.

    I’ll update the blog to reflect this 🙂


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