Happy to work with anyone…

Over the past few months we’ve been reviewing the guidelines put in place in order to create a strong working relationship between students and staff.


What has happened so far

To start this process we held a workshop with a cross section of staff and students to look at how we want to work together, and how we can create a new set of guidelines to resolve and problems.

The resulting feedback was turned into a draft policy and will be eventually presented to a Trustee Board and Council meeting later on in the year.


What is coming up

However, before that we were looking at how we can deliver a more creative way to help you engage with this process, and so will be running a fairly unique workshop next week.

We’re inviting in the Arc Theatre company who are going to bring to life the policy in a special workshop on Wednesday 17th April from 4pm-5pm in the Cube (Level 2, Building 42) called “Working in Partnership”. The company will use a technique called Forum Theatre to involve audience interaction to shape how the issues are presented and explored.


How can you input?

There are two ways in which I would love for you to offer your input into this process.


  1. Book a place to attend the workshop next Wednesday by emailing Eileen Bharji ( with your name and role in the Union, whether you are a staff, student, member of support staff, Union Councillor, Trustee.  This is to ensure we have a good mixture of different groups attending and giving their opinions.
  2. Feedback your constructive comments on the draft either by emailing me directly with your views ( or by posting a comment on this blog.  The draft deliberately does not have many prescriptive sentences as this is intending to be finalized during this consultation process.  Also the Frequently Asked Questions section is deliberately short so that we can use your input to add real questions and answers.

I look forward to seeing lots of you at the workshop, and reading comments below

The Protocol

The draft protocol

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One Comment on "Happy to work with anyone…"

  1. Sam
    Claire Gilbert
    19/04/2013 at 3:08 pm Permalink


    Just thought I would comment on here after the session on Wednesday.

    For me it is all about Andrea’s idea of “fearless feedback” in which people should be able to give criticism in a constructive manner, respecting that individuals have the best intentions at heart, and the individual recieving that criticism and taking it on board.

    We also discussed the idea of anonymous feedback and weren’t a fan of it. Dialogue is what is important, if people have a concern they should be able to talk about it so they can see what is being done to solve it.

    We discussed ideas of how students could engage with what we do in SUSU that isn’t just coming to meetings (and I think that this workshop was a prime example of one!) and that staff should be recognised for all the hard work that they do.

    I think one thing that stuck with me was the analogy of the parade where 2% take part, 8% witness and 90% don’t have a clue what’s going on, and it’s getting them to enjoy the parade that’s going on.

    They were just a few thoughts I had!

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