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Catch up on Council

Here’s a quick update on what happened this evening at Union Council. For short and concise: read the top lines. For any deeper: read beneath(er)IMG_2857

1) Sasha led a discussion on what our strategy for the Education Zone should be.

All of the zones for next year (Education, Student Life, Sustainability, Democracy, External Engagement, Student Communities, Creative Industries, and Sport) are going to be creating strategies, so that they can be achieving as much as possible when they get created next year. If you’re interested in one of these areas, contact the relevant Sabbatical to find out how we’ll be consulting students to create them for each zone. 

2) Shane led a discussion on gender inequality in SUSU. 

80% of students there agreed that if there is gender inequality in SUSU, then it’s a bad thing. We realised that there are some areas, like course reps, and JCR committees, where there is a fairly even balance… however, areas like the Sabbatical teams, Student Leaders, Trustees, and JCR Presidents are very often male dominated. We heard some good ideas about how we could address these issues, and Shane will be working on how to bring this as a policy to the AGM. 

3) We were inquorate 🙁

It was the first council of the year so far where there hasn’t been at least 2/3rds of the elected membership of council present, which means that we were inquorate. We still had the full meeting, but it means that all the decisions we made, must be approved at the next meeting (provided that that is quorate). It’s a bit of a shame, however, councils are usually inquorate at this time of year (they have been for the last few years) because of the workload that students have on. 

4) We passed a changed version of Rule 10 about how we recognise our student groups. 

Constitutional changes aren’t always the most interesting things, but this one is one step in Shane’s work on how we better support student groups. These rule changes made sure that we can not only affiliate student groups that aren’t part of SUSU – like societies; but also that we can recognise SUSU groups, like our media departments, RAG, etc. 

5) We passed a policy on external letting agencies to make sure that we fight against them pressuring students. 

Chloe Green presented a policy on how SUSU should take a firmer stance to letting agencies that come onto campus and halls, early in the year, to pressurise students into getting housing. This policy was firmly passed. 

6) We passed a business ethics policy, so that SUSU can take a consistent approach to how we work with companies. 

Although the policy doesn’t set out what companies we can and can’t work with… it did set out the framework to create this in. This means that now the Ethical and Environmental committee will begin work on finding a system with an independent auditing company, so that we can make sure that we support and work with ethical businesses. 

7) We heard from the Student Leadership team about the work that we’ve all been doing over the last months. 

You can read the reports and any of the papers from the meetings by going to the minutes.susu.org website

8) Sam Ling and I presented the beginning of our campaign to instil ‘trust and respect’ in SUSU. 

A project that Sam and I have been working on for the last few months, is to find a way where we can make sure that we both end this note on a really positive culture, and make sure that it is strong from the start of next year. The way that we aim to achieve this is to get students to pledge towards trusting and respecting each other. If every student who went to council or reads this makes an effort to do one positive thing to show that they trust or respect another student in the next 2 months, then we have the potential to create an amazing handover to the next team, by showing them how amazing SUSU can be when we all work together. 

Thanks for reading

Democracy Love

David Gilani  – YOUR VP Communications

P.S. Here’s a photo of Shane naked

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