Giving Feels Better than Recieving

For £1 you could buy a bottle of coke, a pretty big chocolate bar or even a mint edition Yu-Gi-Oh card. But next week SUSU RAG are asking everyone at the University of Southampton to do something different with your pound…

We want every student and staff member  to have a positive impact on someone else’s life next week! And we can do this so easily if every single person raises or gives at least £1 to our three charities; Water Aid, Southampton Samaritans and Anthony Nolan.

big_giveTogether when everyone does there part we can raise £22,000 which can make a huge difference to our charities.

For £3 Southampton Samaritans can help someones life by answering an email, for £100 we can open the centre for a day! £7 is the cost of the ‘spit kit’ used for taking a potential donor’s saliva sample for tissue-typing – the first stage of joining the Anthony Nolan register. Where £17 is the cost of a special box used for transporting donated stem cells from a donor to a patient for a potentially lifesaving transplant. WaterAid can use a £2 donation to install a rainwater collection system or even. £10 to build a well that reaches water far below the ground

So everyone needs good karma…think about those looming deadlines… you may now be thinking How Can I help? Luckily heres a quick list of three things you can do to help!

1. Join Our Facebook Event here and invite all of your friends from uni to join, help us spread the word!

2. Donate Online we have set up an online website where across the next week you can donate here or share this link: www.charitygiving.co.uk/thebiggive
3.  Join the collection team we have a massive team of volunteers who will be collecting all through next week across campus, if your interested in getting involved join this group.

For more information go to our theBIGgive webpage and tweet along this week #theBIGgive

Give a Pound, Save a Life

Smurphy & SUSU RAG


For those of you who made it this far, congratulations, as a reward here is a video of penguins…

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