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An Opportunity not to miss!

One of my biggest regrets here at University was not getting more involved in my 1st year, by running for a position in SUSU. I went to Union Council throughout my second year, but didn’t have a vote because I hadn’t gotten involved earlier – Don’t Miss Your Opportunity! You only have until Friday 12pm!nominate yourself now

We held our main elections in the Spring, but as not all the positions were filled – you have a second chance to get involved! Here are the positions that we have open, what they’re about, and how to run.



The Trustee roles are voluntary, unpaid positions. The officers in this role will focus on the strategic direction of SUSU, ensuring that the Union creates and implements strategies that meet its objectives. Trustees are legally responsible for ensuring that SUSU operates to standards set by parliament and the Charity Commission. There are 2 positions available in this by-election. Nominate Now



Student Leaders are responsible for running and representing specific areas within SUSU. You hold these positions for a year alongside your degree, unlike a Sabbatical, and are the lead student officer for your respective area – it’s a chance to make real change and get fantastic experience. The positions available are: Community Volunteering Officer, Student Enterprise Officer, AU Officer, Outreach Officer, Winchester Officeand Well-being OfficerNominate Now



Union Councillors are elected to reflect the different student bodies that make up the membership of SUSU. Councilors attend Union Council which meets at least 6 times in an academic year and is one of the highest decision making bodies of SUSU. Being a councilor gives you a chance to instruct the direction of SUSU and make sure that officers (like Sabbaticals and Student Leaders) are doing their job as best they can.

All councilors are equal, however to make sure that our Union Council is reflective of the student body, we elect students from all areas of SUSU. There are still loads of positions to get. Here’s what is still available. Nominate Now


Academic Presidents are the lead student representatives ensuring the quality of their course is maintained, by dealing with issues and problems that are prevalent on the courses they have been elected to represent. They are in regular contact with staff, and raise problems that the Course Reps they lead have brought up. They are responsible for representing Students’ interests and concerns. Nominate Now


SUSU is a democracy, and the whole idea of that is that you can have your opportunity to make it better. Sometimes that means voting for the people that you think are best, but it can also mean putting yourself forward and being that change. As someone who’s held some of these positions in my time here at Southampton, I couldn’t recommend it enough. It’s made me the person that I am from a shy sixth form student to a President elect of a 22000 member organisation.

NOMINATE YOURSELF – Before Friday midday

Thank you for reading.

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3 Comments on "An Opportunity not to miss!"

  1. David
    Katya Henson
    25/04/2013 at 11:50 am Permalink

    Hi 🙂 I’ve just attempted to nominate myself but it keeps saying I have to be ‘fully registered’ – how do I go about doing this? Thank you

  2. David
    25/04/2013 at 5:00 pm Permalink

    Hey Katy, I’m not sure to be honest. I’ll try and get our tech team to look at it – if it’s still not working, then you can just email the details that we ask for to democracy@susu.org manually, rather than using the nominations form.

    Best of luck – and I’ll see you tomorrow at the candidates briefing 🙂


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