Is Southampton a No Go Zone?

Are you a student with a disability?

We want to hear from ANY student with ANY disability: hearing impairments, social disorders, medical conditions, mobility impairments, specific learning differences, visual impairments or anything else that may make accessing university buildings and services more challenging or downright impossible.

No Go Southampton is a fantastic project set up by a team of University of Southampton students with disabilities, led by SUSU’s Disability Officer, Matt Higgins. Matt and the team have created an app and a website which students can log into to submit feedback about the accessibility of campus buildings.

You can report a problem with accessibility, you can suggest an improvement that could be made, or you can highlight a bit of good practise which should be shared. Your feedback can be categorised by the type of disability that may be affected and you can give feedback about literally anywhere on campus: a specific lecture room, an entire building, an outdoor space or a communal area. Whatever and wherever there may be a problem, we want to know about it!

No Go Southampton is open to any current students, alumni, SUSU or university staff, and visitors. There are options to see the website or the app in dyslexia-specific font or high contrast, in order to make this project as accessible as possible.

Once No Go Southampton has received plenty of feedback, a report will be written to consolidate all of this information. We can then start the process of ensuring SUSU is as user friendly as possible, and work with the university to come up with long-term changes that will make campus as welcoming as possible to all of our students.

Get involved by visiting the website here or you can download the app if you have an iOS device.

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One Comment on "Is Southampton a No Go Zone?"

  1. Chloe
    25/04/2013 at 6:37 pm Permalink

    This. Is. Amazing.
    Well done Matt and everyone who helped!

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