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Summer Elections – How and Why to Vote

You’ve got just 24 hours left to decide who are going to be the next leaders of SUSU.

your elections

Whether they are the Student Leaders, Academic Presidents, or Trustees… all these positions are leaders in SUSU and will have an affect on how we can better support students next year. Our Students’ Union is a democracy, where you get to hold officers to account, but you also get to decide who is going to be running your Union in the first place.
vote nowJust a quick look at what these roles do will help you to see what you should be voting for.

There are candidates for most of the Academic President positions, so if you care about course representation, you can vote for your relevant officers. If you care about how money is spent in the Union then consider voting in the Trustee contest. The Athletic Union Officer, Winchester Office and many more are all able to be voted for now (although you can only vote for the Winchester Officer if you are a student studying there).

You only have until 5pm this Friday to cast your vote! Thanks for reading 🙂

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