My Final Speech for Union Council


A couple of hours ago in The Bridge SUSU held an incredible AGM, followed by this years last Union Council, and for those who couldn’t attend or wish to read it, here’s the speech I presented. I’d like to thank you all in advance for what has been the best year of my life… Enjoy.


“Hi Council,

What a year it’s been. But firstly, I want to say something that I have never said when I’m up here. I’m nervous, but not as bad as I used to be.

I remember when I went to my first Union Council. It was the last one of the year and the ex-sabs were giving their speeches. In that time I had about 2 anxiety attacks. I couldn’t believe that one day; I’m going to be up there doing the same thing. I never thought I could.

I don’t really remember my first Union council, only that when I left the room for you guys to vote on who goes on Senate, my legs started giving way and I almost collapsed on PeeWee.

But why am I telling you this? Well, my names Nicole Trengove, and I have Anxiety. I have it; I accept that it’s a part of me. But I don’t suffer, because to suffer is to appear at a disadvantage, that that thing I suffer from will hold me back.

But it doesn’t, not anymore. All of you taught me that one way or another. And I don’t want to leave this stage without truly conveying how much you mean to me. Each and every one of you has made me a better person, and that I will take away with me forever. Whether you gave a big ‘you can do it!’ speech, to saying hello in passing, those simple gestures gave me the belief to keep going.

It’s funny, because I’ve been doing art my whole life, and it hasn’t been till I came out of it, I realised what it is.

Art can take the shape of many forms; a painting, sculpture or a piece of writing, frozen in time to express itself in a billion and one different ways depending on how many people see it. It gives us the gift to perceive, create opinion and often provokes reaction and emotion. And from that you get a glimpse of its true form. It’s like an impression, a mark that gets left behind for someone else to take over, a legacy.

And that’s what we do here, it’s what we’ve done all year, we create art through our voices, our belief, our passion, in the policies we make, the reports we write even the committees we go to, everything we do makes a mark to leave behind for someone to look at after and even carry on with. That is art just as much as any painting or sculpture or anything deemed as ‘true art’. And I mean it when I say, what beautiful artists you are.

And thank you again, for everything you have done for me, this has been an unforgettable year and will always be appreciated. Because of you I am a much more confident person and better for it. So really, THANK YOU.”


Thanks for reading,

Nicole xx

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One Comment on "My Final Speech for Union Council"

  1. Nicole
    08/05/2013 at 8:05 pm Permalink

    This was my favourite council moment of the year. Well done, Nicole, you made some pretty tough people cry like babies. 🙂

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