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BREAKING: AGM Quorate, Passes 7 Policies and Elects Chair

agm-220The 2013 SUSU Annual General Meeting had 299 students engage across the 3 hours that we sat in the Bridge. For the first time, students were voting live online during the meeting, and many had registered their preferences prior to the meeting via a proxy voting system.

Company business

As SUSU is now a Company Limited by Guarantee, there were a few serious things to discuss at the AGM, like our approved accounts from the previous academic year, and our Annual Review (which looks all amazing and shiny, so take a look – more printed copies will be available soon).


  1. Minimum Facility Charges for Student Groups – passed
  2. Maximum Budgets for AU Clubs and Societiespassed
  3. Improvements in healthy eating and vegetarian provisions – AGM voted to move the policy to be discussed at Welfare Committee.
  4. Renovations to the Acitivities Room in SUSU – passed
  5. Building of a Giant Cat Statue – Fell
  6. Leadership and Representation in SUSU – passed
  7. A Voice for Change in Your SUSU – passed
  8. Constitutional Changes for Zone Committeespassed
  9. New Staff Student Partnership Agreement – passed

 Chair of Council Election

At the AGM, all the present members and those online were given the opportunity to vote on who will be the next chair of Union Council. You can find out more about the role here, and after giving everyone a chance to vote: I can announce that the new Chair of Council is Katy O’Brien.

Short and sweet… these are just some of the things that we will be aiming to accomplish next year. Thank you to the hundreds of students who took part in this AGM and voted on these issues. It was great to see that these ideas inspired some real debate between people, and now clear SUSU has a clear mandate to help achieve all these things.

Until next time… stay classy.

David Gilani – VP Communications

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