Who IS the best Lecturer in the University?

ETAs logoOn 1st May, SUSU held it’s first ever Excellence in Teaching Awards, celebrating the brilliance we have here at Southampton. The awards gave students the opportunity to recognise and congratulate those who supported and inspired them throughout their time at University.

You can re-watch the ceremony, which was streamed live by SUSUtv, below, to see who the Highly Commended and Winners were for each category at a University level, as well as the full set of winners across all the levels of awards!

The Results

670 nominations were received in total (370 unique lecturers), with course representatives in each course and the Academic President then selecting a winner within their Academic Unit for each of the four awards: Best Academic Support; Best Feedback Provision; Best Innovative Teaching; and Overall Outstanding Lecturer. This resulted in a total of 107 winners at an Academic Unit level.

These 107 winners were then put forward for consideration for the Faculty level award, for which the Academic Presidents and relevant Faculty Officer selected a winner for each award within their Faculty. This results in 32 winners at a Faculty level, who then went forward to be nominated for the overall University award.

For the overall University award for each category, therefore, there were 8 candidates (one per Faculty) for the 4 awards, as well as a winner (or in this year’s case, two winners) for the Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award.

University Winners

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Overall Outstanding Lecturer:

  • Winner – James Minney, (Modern Languages)
  • Highly Commended – Ian Harding, (Ocean & Earth Sciences)

Best Academic Support:

  • Winner – Sally Hayward, (Geography)
  • Highly Commended – Kamaljit Kaur-Bicchu, (Medicine)

Best Innovative Teaching:

  • Winner – Simon Kemp, (Environmental Sciences)
  • Highly Commended – Oli Bills, (Electronics & Computer Science)

Best Feedback Provision:

  • Winner – Bella Millett, (English)
  • Highly Commended – Debra Ugboma, (Nursing)

Lifetime Achievement Award:

We were also very pleased to present the Lifetime Achievement Award to David Hinton (Archaeology) & John McGavin (English), both from the Faculty of Humanities.

  david thumb john thumb

Faculty Winners

Below are listed the winners at a Faculty level, having already won at an Academic Unit level. These were the names shortlisted for the overall University award. (To find out who won at an Academic Unit level, please click here.)

Business & Law:

  • Overall Outstanding Lecturer: Johnnie Johnson (Management)
  • Best Innovative Teaching: Lisa Harris (Management)
  • Best Feedback Provision: Mark Telford (Law)
  • Best Academic Support: Tim Metcalf (Art)

Engineering & the Environment:

  • Overall Outstanding Lecturer: Simon Clubley (Civil Engineering)
  • Best Innovative Teaching: Simon Kemp (Environmental Science)
  • Best Feedback Provision: Ian Williams (Environmental Science)
  • Best Academic Support: John Jones (Environmental Science)

Health Sciences:

  • Overall Outstanding Lecturer: Julian Pearce (Physiotherapy)
  • Best Innovative Teaching: James Wilson (Nursing)
  • Best Feedback Provision: Debra Ugboma (Nursing)
  • Best Academic Support: Annabel Smoker (Nursing)


  • Overall Outstanding Lecturer: James Minney (Modern Languages)
  • Best Innovative Teaching: Patricia Romero de Mills (Modern Languages)
  • Best Feedback Provision: Bella Millett (English)
  • Best Academic Support: Sasha Mudd (Philosophy)


  • Overall Outstanding Lecturer: Tony Sampson
  • Best Innovative Teaching: Scott Border
  • Best Feedback Provision: Mike Gilder
  • Best Academic Support: Kamaljit Kaur-Bicchu

Natural & Environmental Sciences:

  • Overall Outstanding Lecturer: Ian Harding (Ocean & Earth Sciences)
  • Best Innovative Teaching: Sally Bloodworth (Chemistry)
  • Best Feedback Provision: Vincent O’Connor (Biological Sciences)
  • Best Academic Support: Paul Duckmanton (Chemistry)

Physical Sciences & Engineering:

  • Overall Outstanding Lecturer: Chris Sachrajda (Physics)
  • Best Innovative Teaching: Oli Bills (ECS)
  • Best Feedback Provision: Iain McNally (ECS)
  • Best Academic Support: Eric Cooke (ECS)

Social & Human Sciences:

  • Overall Outstanding Lecturer: Martin Polley (Education)
  • Best Innovative Teaching: Aiden Gregg (Psychology)
  • Best Feedback Provision: Jorg Fliege (Maths)
  • Best Academic Support: Sally Hayward (Geography)

The Excellence in Teaching Awards will hopefully be returning next year – so keep an eye out for nominations!

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