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Media ball - Ellie and Jo

Last weekend, some volunteers from our media departments organised an amazing ball and awards night for almost a hundred members of SUSU Media, aboard the Princess Caroline boat.

It was a hugely successful evening that showcased some of the most incredible achievements of media members across the last year; brought together volunteers who had spent hours upon hours of creating content; and even saw a few alumni return to celebrate.

alumni peopleEach year dozens of students leave Southampton, having studied NOTHING in the media (as the University doesn’t do media courses), but wanting to go into media as a career. However, there are also many more students who don’t go into media, but found their best friends and real passion in SUSU Media. To help maintain this amazing community of people passionate in SUSU Media, we’ve created a simple form.

If you’ve graduated from Southampton, or are graduating this year, and feel that you’ve been involved in SUSU Media in one way or another, then take a few minutes to fill it in. We’ll get in touch with you in coming years about reunions, balls and awards nights, conferences around the country, and new exciting projects.

Fill in the form here

Thanks for reading – Vice President Communications – David Gilani

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2 Comments on "Have you been involved in SUSU Media?"

  1. David
    Andy Neilson
    13/05/2013 at 8:25 pm Permalink


  2. David
    13/05/2013 at 8:27 pm Permalink

    It’s old Surge head of music, Andy Neilson! Welcome back, Andy 🙂

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