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What is the future of the Union club night?

This Friday 7th June, SUSU is organising an open session to bring together any interested students with the intention of together answering:

What is the future of the Union club night?club nights image

Before the Christmas break this year, almost 700 students filled in a survey about their Nightlife preferences and what they look for from a club night. In April, almost 200 students said that they would like to discuss the idea of having more student leadership in running the Union club night. So from this we have organised an event.

10am Friday 7th June on Bar 2 of SUSU (Building 42)

We will be not only looking to answer the main question about the future of the Union club night, we will also be looking to find students who want to be involved in making this experience possible.

If you’re interested, come along. We’ll even be putting on some lunch for all those who give up their Friday morning to attend.

Sam Ling & David Gilani

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