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One Week Remaining!


Calling all Student Groups! The deadline for completing your funding and room booking applications is Sunday 11th August, which means you’ve now got a week to finish them. It’s imperative that you complete these on time so that for, at least the first part of the year, your group has money to spend which could range from promotional items you’d like for the Bunfight or coaching sessions to help your teams improve. Additionally, if you want to secure your activity spaces, ensure you fill in the room bookings form as soon as possible!

This year, all our forms have been integrated with the website. By logging onto the Student Groups Hub, you’ll be able to select the forms which are relevant to you. All the information is given to you during the process, so this should be a much easier and quicker experience.

We will endeavour to let all groups know by September 1st how much money has been allocated so that you can all plan well enough in advance for the year ahead.

Finally if there are any questions, please email groups@susu.org. Also, don’t forget to join our new Official Societies Group¬†for the year, where key information will also be posted. Good luck with completing the forms!

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