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Our Sabbatical Goals


As we draw close the end of our second month as Sabbatical officers and gear up ready for freshers we as a Sabb team have begun putting together our goals for the year.

From the time of writing our manifestos we have learnt so much about the organisation and the groups we represent that they may look slightly different – but don’t worry we are still all working to the same principles we campaigned on!



Oli – VP Communities is focusing his efforts on Voice, Identity and Understanding looking to empower representatives from different communities and creating a lifestyle survey. With all our sites, diversity issues and minority groups falling under Oli, it has been a busy 2 months working with the JCRs and the Winchester Renovation!







Some of you may remember David’s promise of a 24 hour library when he was campaigning to be VP Education, don’t worry it is still one of his objectives under Innovative Education. With exciting Curriculum Innovations and a new head librarian David has been working hard to  make sure your education is tip top!






As your VP Democracy and Creative Industries (VP DCI for short) David has goals that covers all 3 areas he represents (Creative Industries, Democracy and Student Groups) and plans to work with VP Engagement on Performing Arts and the local community. The Bunfight (on Wednesday 25th) is planned, as well as budget allocations and working on the online student hub it’s been a busy few months.





As your VP Engagement I am focusing my efforts into getting the University to have a member of staff dedicated to student communications; to celebrate the great charity work our students already do; and to focus on embedding students in the local community. After a visit from the Mayor, meeting RAGs from all over the country and planning Your Freshers I am looking forward to all the new students!







VP Welfare Beckie’s big 3 are influenced by both her manifestos and the Student Leaders she works with, and hopes to have big impact with the SUSU lettings agency, alcohol awareness and Peer to Peer project. As well as carrying on work of her predecessors Beckie has started work on the BEES project, been busy planning Independence day and Make a Difference Day, whilst working to make sure everyone elses work is sustainable and environmentally friendly!




Evan, your VP Sports Development has dedicated his time to creating a community feel within sport with Team Southampton, sorting out facilities and allocating funding. His goals cover all areas of his job including intramural, participation and the Athletic Union, whilst planning three Varsities so we can bring that trophy home!







Last but not least your Union President has been working hard to represent you on local and national issues. As well as planning Pulse and overseeing all the commercial activity over freshers, David has been busy working with Oli and David MW on international fees, working towards making a better university experience for all.




These are just a teaser as to our full plans which we will be presented at the first Union Council of the year. It is an open meeting for all those interested in what’s happening in SUSU, time, date and location TBC

Please do comment below with your thoughts on our goals, if there is more you want to know or any suggestions for what you think we should be working on as a team!


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3 Comments on "Our Sabbatical Goals"

  1. Claire Gilbert
    16/09/2013 at 1:08 am Permalink

    “on Oct 21st at the first Union Council of the year”

    Strange, according to Mr Martin council dates haven’t been set yet. It also seems to be up for discussion according to the description of this event:

  2. Claire Gilbert
    Claire Gilbert
    16/09/2013 at 11:05 am Permalink

    Hey Simon,

    Sorry I jumped the gun, my mistake, the blog has been edited! I didn’t know it was a working date at time of publishing.

    Hope you enjoyed the rest of the content,


  3. Claire Gilbert
    16/09/2013 at 11:46 am Permalink

    Ah great, thanks. Yeah looking forward to seeing these things progress.

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