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The story of last year…

We have to be honest with ourselves… Friday Nights last year were… quiet. They were empty. Some people said that the events were awful… some said that their friends didn’t go… some just said ‘no’. When I ran as Union President, my manifesto promised that I would bring some student leadership to our events. I believe that we do have the potential to run the best Friday Night in Southampton:

  • At SUSU we can have students setting the direction of the night, giving exactly what students want.
  • At SUSU all the profits can go back into other student activities, therefore going back to students.
  • At SUSU students can get marketing and event experience, by helping to set the direction.
  • And at SUSU students can get paid by working at and promoting events.

So let’s DO all these things! Over the summer, a group of students have gathered with our events and marketing team to create a night out that our students deserve.

Pulse - Windows Graphic (smaller)Cheapest Drinks (on a Friday)

£1 bottles of Fosters // £2 house doubles and mixer // £1.60 sambuca shot // £2 jagerbombs // 85p soft drinks // 90p juice (not just cheap on alcoholic drinks)

New Layout (more than just a night in SUSU)

The night will have a new entrance, which allows us to keep Pulse only on level 2 of SUSU. We’re also bringing down our capacity so that students never experience over-crowding at Pulse. In the Cube itself, the lighting rig will be lowered, a new larger bar is being installed, and different levels of staging will help break up the space and make it feel like a proper club. Outside, the seating area will be filled with more chilled music and heaters to allow students to break from dancing.

Discounts and Hospitality

The Project Pulse team believe that Pulse shouldn’t be about VIPs, but about rewarding any student / student groups who comes to Pulse and thus put their money back into their Union. We believe that when big groups come to Pulse, we should treat all of the members special, rather than just the social secretaries.


This is a constantly evolving experience, and the Project Pulse group will keep on working to make sure that this is the best night out in Southampton. There are already so many other little finishes and surprises that will hopefully make your night out.


And… the first one’s on us!

To celebrate the start of the new year, we’re putting on a Pulse Premier Night with free entry, so you can come and try what the Project Pulse team have been working on. We’re all really excited that we’ve created something special for this coming year and we’d love for you to join us. Join the Facebook Event here. 

Cheers for reading

David Gilani – Union President – Project Pulse member


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4 Comments on "Project Pulse"

  1. David
    Owen Thomson
    20/09/2013 at 7:19 pm Permalink

    I think that it would be a great idea to either go for the model of ridiculously cheap drinks being the main attraction (even cheaper than they are now), and how not much concentration on music or the look of the place, OR have some great acts in (namely house / drum and bass [as I know there will be popular]), and just raise the drinks prices, as people will go for the music! It seems to me like we are falling into no mans land at the moment.

    One easier and probably better suggestion would be to get DJ Soc / Music Soc / SEMSU on board with helping with the music / equipment and maybe even providing some DJs for a low cost / free.

    Please to consider the second point especially, I think its a great Idea.

  2. David
    David Gilani
    21/09/2013 at 3:35 am Permalink

    Hey Owen – cheers for the thoughts. I think you’re right in that if we try and achieve everything with the night then it’s not going to work. At the moment, the Project Pulse team are definitely going down the route of a simple night, with cheap drinks, that people can rely on – rather than trying to build a reputation off the acts that we can get (although I do believe that there is another place for SUSU bringing in big acts – just not Pulse).

    I also completely agree with your second point, and would love to get more student involvement in the night – including DJ Soc. It’s been brought up in an article on the new Pulse event by Sotonight – http://www.sotonight.net/news-susu-finds-a-pulse/ – and I think student involvement can really help the night.

    Cheers again for getting in touch and sharing ideas.


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