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TeamSoton, World Sailing Champs??


The start of the University sporting season is underway!

For TeamSoton, it is underway with a bang. Our trusted Sailing club, who are national champions, will compete in the 33rd Student Yachting World Cup on Monday 14th October through to Saturday 19th October. The event is taking place in Pornic (France)  and will see 13 nations compete against one another in a mixture of inshore and costal racing (trailer below).

The team (consisting of Max Richardson, Annabel Vose, Amy Prime, Kate Deveaux and George Johnson) are students / recent graduates from the University of Southampton.Many of the team have previously represented GBR at dinghy and keelboat events and are aiming to achieve a top 3 result at the SYWOC.The group would like to thank: Aberdeen Asset Management, The British University Sailing Association, The University of Southampton and SUSU for the support which has enabled them to compete.


On behalf of the AU and SUSU, I wish them the best of luck over the coming week and hope that they return as World Champs. Regardless of the result, competing in a competition of this stature is an achievement itself. 


If you wish to follow the progress of the team, go on to this website:



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