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Hey everyone, I’ve got some ‘exciting’ news.

The launch night went well...

The launch night went well…

SUSU shall no longer be running our weekly club night, Pulse. Over the summer, a number of students came together to plan and create a high quality night for students – working with staff, it saw a significant revamp of SUSU’s night club space and strong door figures over Fresher’s, with some fantastic feedback. However, these numbers have dropped off after our Freshers’ activity – leaving very low attendance since.

Our students have voted with their feet and said quite clearly that they do not want a regular Friday night at the Union. Ultimately, we are here to respond to and serve student demand and so we must be versatile and react. The decision to stop the regular club nights opens so many opportunities in terms of using the space (for student groups and their activities) and our time + effort.

... And the Welcome Parties got loads of good feedback at Pulse.

… And the Welcome Parties got loads of good feedback at Pulse.

However, we saw some amazing feedback for our Fresher’s events this year, and so we will still use Pulse for Freshers’ in future years and for some special, larger scale events this year. My priorities at this moment are making sure that our support-staff (students) have other opportunities to work and other student groups start making the most of this space.

So… do any Performing Arts groups fancy an extra rehearsal space? Do any educational societies want a place to run talks? Extra Union Films screenings?

When I ran for President, I saw a survey from 760 of our members saying how SUSU Nightlife could be better and promised to bring real student interaction back to our events. We have done that, and it’s resulted in the best Freshers’ activity I’ve seen in my 5 years here – however, it’s time to react and make the best of this situation.

Cheers for reading and all your support so far

David Gilani – Union President

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  1. David
    04/11/2013 at 1:47 pm Permalink

    Isn’t that chicken and egg? Back in the day Poundtretcher was sold out every Friday night, with students queuing to get in. What changed? It cost a quid and there was a spirit and mixer for £1 and a beer for £1, it’s a pity past successes are ignored and not built upon. Students want to feel a sense of community with their university and union but this seems to have been missed. Why do external events? Giving money away to external club promoters who barely need it! Money and thought should be given to creating that sense of community with the students union which seems to be lacking?


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