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Why is a Raven like a writing desk?

I am afraid I don’t know.


What I do know is that Union Council happened last night!

Union Council is one of the highest forms of decision making within the Union. It makes policy that shapes how we run, makes sure Sabbs are doing what they promise and makes sure that students are having their potential unlocked and lives enriched!

Instead of a normal blog just reporting back we thought we might do something a bit different to engage you.

Here are also Wordles (great word) from our Union Council reports so you can see what we as Sabbatical Officers have been prioritising over the last few months!

Sabb Report Oct Oli Sabb Report Oct Men-wolf Sabb Report Oct Martin Sabb Report Oct Gilani Sabb Report Oct Evan Sabb Report Oct Claire Sabb Report Oct Beckie


Below is 500 Seconds of Sabb that shows everything that goes on in the Sabbatical Office during a weekend (which we will use to promote elections later in the year).

Some topics for discussion –

External Speakers on Campus (a policy coming to the nest Union Council)

Pay Day Lenders (Student Life discussing and moving forward with actions)

Union Council logistics (ideas being taken forward)

Engagement at Sites (Look out for forums at each site being set up by VP Communities Oli Coles!)

These are issues brought by students to discuss with other students. Visit to submit an idea, nominate a really great volunteer or read up on everything else that happened last night!

Lots of Communications love

Claire VP Engagement.


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