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Set Up Your New Group!

One of the best things about University is being able to join a student group in either an activity you’ve done for years or maybe even something completely new; it’s a great way to learn new experiences. While we’ve already got over 250 different student groups, we’re always looking for more people that have a passion that they want to share with others!
We’ve now introduced a new online feature which allows you to fill in an affiliation request really easily! Already quite a lot of people have registered an interest in setting up a group.

If you find some like-minded people, collect their details and then fill in the new form here (https://www.susu.org/affiliate) you’ll be well on your well to becoming a fully-fledged group.

The decisions will be made by Student Groups Committee which meets regularly throughout the year. The next meeting is on Friday 1st November. If you would like to be considered for this round, please submit your request by Monday 28th October. Bare in mind we may not be able to process all requests in this first meeting due to the sheer numbers, so please ensure you submit early.

Good luck!



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