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Creative Spaces Developments

This summer and autumn we’ve made some developments to our creative facilities – a brand new photography studio, updates to the Surge Radio, new technology fitted in Media Resources and speakers installed in the Multi-Purpose Studio (MPS). 

3 years ago, we built a brand new student television studio, and since then SUSUtv have made an impact on a national scale. This year, we’ve built a whole new photography studio and dark room on level 1 of the SUSU building (next to SUSUtv). Here’s what the Photosoc President, Robert Hayes, had to say:

“The new photo studio space is a big improvement for our society and the Union in general. We are now leading the field into the digital age by being one of the few Student Unions in the country to offer both dedicated photographic and video facilities. Most importantly I’m very excited that it offers members of our union the ability to use a fully equipped studio whenever they want!”

In Surge, the studio (on Level 2) has been repainted with new signs soon to be installed. In addition, new strip lighting has been installed, which has made the studio much brighter and more user-friendly. There’s also a new touch screen computer and various other small additions to maintain the high standard of the studio.

In Media Resources (behind the Stag’s), a room for our media groups and other creative teams, we’ve also secured funding for two new Macs, with microphones and screens so that the space can be used for more groups. The latest software for editing and design has also been installed so that we can continue to create awesome content such as the latest issues for The Edge and Wessex Scene.

Finally, in the MPS (on Level 1), a room used primarily by our dance groups, we’ve solved a long standing problem with poor audio by installing speakers around the room which will ensure our award-winning dance teams will be able to practice to the best of their ability!

If you have feedback on these changes, please do send them to me. These improvements should benefit our groups for years to come!

Surge's new lighting, paint and screens    surge2    photostudio mediaresources1    mediaresources2


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3 Comments on "Creative Spaces Developments"

  1. davidmartin
    30/10/2013 at 6:17 pm Permalink

    Just a shame that this has meant that The Edge and Wessex Scene have lost a room and all of our storage space.

  2. davidmartin
    31/10/2013 at 4:58 pm Permalink

    Media Resources has been reduced to a 4 meter by 4 meter room. The Scene and The Edge have deadlines at the same time, it’s going to be horrible in here 🙁 All of our editors need to put their sections together in here in the space of a week or two and that’s just one publication.

  3. davidmartin
    David Martin
    01/11/2013 at 12:15 pm Permalink

    Hi Howell and Claire,

    While I can understand some frustrations here, this blog is about the improvements to the space, such as new working MacMinis, and new software for all the Editors to use. While the second room has been converted to a meeting space there’s key things to remember here. Firstly this room is available for Media teams when it is empty. Secondly, the space is also available for media teams. In addition, the Wessex Scene do the vast majority of their design work at Winchester, hence meaning there will not be clashes for space at the same time. Additionally, we are ensuring there is storage space for the two departments for the magazines when they arrive. Due to the expansion of the Union generally, we’ve had to make adjustments in space.

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