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What is the SUSU Master Plan?

 Some students will have heard of the term ‘SUSU Master Plan’, some will not have. Either way, I thought that it’d be best to explain what it is in an open place like this, so more students can get involved with… THE NEXT STEP!

So essentially, the SUSU Master Plan was a project started by the previous Union President, Sam Ling. The idea of it was to look at the needs that our students have at all our different sites, so that we can work out what facilities we should be providing for them. The Master Plan is a document which outlines what these facilities should be like – and the next step is building it.

At the most recent University Council meeting (which I, as President get to attend), they agreed to devote resources into a developing a central student facility – focused around the 3 key areas of social / teaching & learning / student support. The Master Plan is about looking at all our students, so that we can work out what space provision we need to have for them. Creating a Union Building that meets the needs of our students (for all our different sites) – that is the SUSU Master Plan.

So far to help plan for these developments, the University and reps from SUSU have been on trips around UK, we’ve had consultation with academic presidents, but there is still a lot to do.

I want our students and volunteers to think big, so we’re running some sessions over the coming weeks to get your input on what the new facilities should include – specifically with regards to social provision.

Thursday 14th at 11am in Meeting Room 2 //Monday18th at 10am in the Board Room (through the Sabb Office on level 2) //Wednesday 20th at 1pm in the Board Room

Fill in this google form to book your availability in advance – as there is limited space in each session. I obviously think that consulting with students on projects like this is extremely important – so if there is high demand, we will organise further sessions. 


David Gilani – Union President

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