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What should good feedback look like?

Feedback isn’t talked about enough.feedback-heads1

You do your essay, your exam, your lab report etc etc and then within four weeks you get back your mark along with some feedback. But what should feedback look like? What IS good feedback?

The University don’t know, but they really do want to find out and that’s why I decided to put together a short survey (your details and then one question).

From your responses to this form, I am going to put together a report to present to the University and so the more responses we get – the better the change can be across the University!

One of my aims for the year is to make sure that the feedback that you get is better and more personalised. I very much believe that through good feedback your work will improve over the period of your degree.

So, what would good feedback look like to you? Click here and help improve your educational experience, and the educational experience of thousands of others too.




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