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Inter Faith Week


interfaith.JPG_SIA - JPG - Fit to Width_100_true Inter Faith Week is a great way to highlight the good work done by local faith, inter faith and faith-based  groups and organisations. It draws new people into inter faith leaning and co-operation, and enables        greater interaction between people of different backgrounds. Not only is it a great way to help develop  integrated and neighborly communities, but it helps to celebrate diversity and commonality, and can  open new possibilities for partnership.

This year it is being celebrated across the University of Southampton, from Monday 18th November, to Friday 22nd November.

Together with the University Chaplaincy, this year, the University are involved in running a series of talks and events for inter faith week 2013, including an evening examining the legacy of Revd Dr James Parkes for interfaith relations.

James Parkes (1896-1981) was one of the most remarkable figures in British Christianity in the twentieth century. He became a priest in 1926 and was affiliated to the Student Christian Movement and the International Student Service, Geneva, through which he began to confront the growth of nationalist and racialist organisations in Europe during the late 1920s. Thereafter, he devoted his career to fighting antisemitism and seeking out its origins. Parkes believed that in order to establish future dialogue between Christians and Jews it was essential to understand what Christians had thought about Jews and the Jewish religion throughout the ages.

Inter faith week events include discussion of an interview with James Parkes, conversations for the soul, an exhibition focusing on questions in interfaith dialogue and Space for Peace – a musical vigil for peace with a variety of religious and secular musical and choral groups.

Also, all week long there will be Inter faith Week displays (and a game to play!)  in Bar 3, Building 42 and on the South Corridor at The Avenue

Below is the timetable of events for the week (click on it for a larger image):

interfaith program

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