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Waste Wars: The Battle of the Halls!

waste warsOn Wednesday 27th  November, alongside the University, we will be holding a waste audit looking at recycling rates for different Halls of Residences. Come and volunteer to see if your halls are the best at recycling!


Who is it for?

Ideally first year students or anyone currently living in student halls, last year volunteers came from all the different university halls of residence to take part and to see if their halls were the best at recycling!


What will happen?

The event will take place at The Bar – Monte at 2.30pm on Wednesday 27th November.

Volunteers will be split into groups, ideally into their halls of residence. Recycling bags from each of the halls will have been previously collected and each group will go through as many bags as possible to see whether there are items that should not have been recycled. The team that goes through the most bags will win a prize!

Data collected will be published after a few weeks of the event to see how recycling can improve in the halls of residence.


Want to volunteer?

Volunteers for this event will receive food voucher, Graduate Passport points, a certificate and remember you can add it to your CV! Also the team that does the best will receive a prize.

To volunteer sign up HERE.


Any Questions?

Then send an email to Charlotte Hollands, the SUSU Environmental & Ethical Officer, at


And here is a little bit of recycling fun from the Uni of Sheffield:

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