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SUSU Housing Fayre

We wanted to update all you lovely readers on what has been happening with SUSU’s housing campaign.

housing letter pledges

Since the last time we blogged we have:

  • Been in contact with the top 10 worst offending Letting Agencies as declared by you who filled in the Vent about your Rent survey (still available to read online or in the Advice Centre). We’ve asked them to sign up to 6 pledges to improve the service that they provide to students.
  • pudsey pledgeWe have also been in contact with local Residence Associations about working together to lobby councillors about To Let signs (one facet of the housing battle) and have currently seen three pieces of correspondence about it.
  • We have also begun a pledge campaign, giving people a chance to publicly declare that they will not rush for housing! The photo with the most likes will win a month’s worth of free rent, so get liking if you or any friends are tagged in the album. Almost 2000 likes across the album // 250 students signed up to Pledges // 25,000 individual users reached on Facebook
  • We’ve been publicly displaying the 10 worst Letting Agencies, with a simple sign out on the redbrick.

The next step of the campaign is to educate you about how to get the best house you can! To do this we’re holding a Housing Fayre on Friday 10th January in SUSU from 10am – 5pm. The date is in line with the opening of the SASSH housing list – so loads of great houses will then become available. Save the Date!

The day will include workshops on housing contracts, a drop in with Advice Centre Staff, sessions to make sure you know your housemates will fit, and loads of good information about locations, utilities, insurance, etc. – everything that you could hope for. The fayre will also include updates about the SUSU Letting Agency for those who are interested. You  don’t have to spend all day there, so just come along to the SUSU concourse whenever you can.


Things that you can do:

– Join the SUSU Housing Fayre event on Facebook, and make sure you pop along on January 10th between lectures.

– Sign up to this Thunderclap to help promote the Housing Fayre (a cool thing on twitter/fb where everyone who joins posts about it at the same time – you get MASSIVE exposure).

-Share the Vent about Your Rent survey, picking your favourite statistic to grab people’s attention.

Lots of Housing love

Claire and David.

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