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Union Films On Fire!


Last week, Union Films showed The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (otherwise known as “the second one”) seven times between the 1st and 8th December. For those of you unfamiliar with Union Films, it is a 330 capacity cinema within SUSU, run entirely by volunteers all the way from the box office to the projection of the film.

Most of the time, the films are one-off screenings, however thanks to great work by the Union Films team, rights were secured to show just one week after release, at student friendly prices of just £4, alongside cheap refreshments.

The screenings were a massive success, with several of them selling out completely. In total over 1700 tickets were sold which proves how much of a hit Union Films is with students, and proves how dedicated the team has been over the year so far.


Union Films Cinema Manager, Nick Tinsley had this to say:

“This was all very new for us, with it being the first time we’ve been able to secure such a big film so close to release, and I am amazed that it became the busiest week in Union Films history! A huge thank you must go out to all the UF volunteers who gave up their time to make all the showings a success. I hope all those who enjoyed the film check out the cinema again next term!”

There are still a few films left in the Autumn Season, and be sure to keep an eye out for the upcoming Spring Season in 2014!


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