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Celebrate good times!

This point in the year is a time of reflection and looking forward so your Sabbatical Officers have made a vlog about some of the cool stuff that has happened this year, great stuff we are currently working on and the exciting stuff to look forward to now we are in 2014

However Sabbs are only one aspect of the cool stuff happening in and around the Union, so below are some of your Student Leaders (who are still working hard on their degrees whilst doing this!) highlights from their last 5 months:

Wellbeing Officer: Payday Lenders Policy – SUSU can now start working to improve the financial information given to students and work to eliminate advertising across the city!

SUSUtv Station manager: SUSUtv came 2nd on GoThinkBigs best student tv round up and getting roughly £20,000 for equipment to make SUSUtv bigger and better and sustainable for future years…/adventures-on-the-small…/

Surge Station manager: Our programme controller Emma Real-Davies won a bronze award at the nation Student Radio Awards.

Nightline Officer:  Re-writting the constitution and confidentiality policy ready to be good practise guideline acreddited

JCR officer: Running the most successful Freshers week in years (ever?) in terms of JCR engagement, and smashing all nominations records at election time 

Wessex Scene Editor:  Having 8 of our articles featured on the BBC (from 4 different writers), reaching over 1.5million total website hits and in a few weeks we’ll have published our 3000th article!

RAG officer: Students raising £20,000 by Christmas (£8,000 more than last year) and the Christmas fair raising £750 by itself

NOC Site Officer: Managed to secure and access arrangement for the SUSU office at NOCS so academic president/course reps/societies can now use it.

Faculty Officer for Engineering and the Environment: I’ve worked with the Academic presidents and faculty to sort out timetabling, a big issue with one of the modules, got a university challenge team together…it’s just been a lot of admin sort of things and organisation..

Student Groups Officer: Affiliating 17 new societies, organising the biggest and most successful bunfight ever, being able to allocate more funding to student groups than ever before. 

Environment and Ethics Officer:  The Swap Shop : 140 kg items donated, by 73 People donated items throughout the day. A total of 507 tokens were given out the people who donated with 311 tokens being used to “swap” for new items. Aside from people swapping, people were able to come between 12.00-15.00, where £53.78 was raised for RAG through selling items. The items that were left have been donated to the British Heart Foundation.

Edge Editor: Reaching 400k views on the website. Successfully distributing all of the copies of issues 2 and complete magazine redesign that has had awesome feedback.

Winchester Sites Officer:  planning to organise a small exhibition in the WSA cafe next semester, this semester has been more of a gathering of research/feedback on the new space

SGH Site officer: Getting the clinical skills kit hire service sorted for medical students wanting to prepare for OSCEs or to simply develop their skills further.

International students Officer:  Being part of the campaign led by David Gillani against unprecedented increases in tuition fee for international students. The campaign finally resulted in the university agreeing to fix the tuition fee for international students.

Faculty Officer for Business and Law: Alex Lombos (Law AP) successfully lobbied to increase the dissertation word limit after much campaigning… the largest number of WSA course rep received/attended training this year… Will Thomas (Management AP) secured the return of annotated scripts for 3rd year student… and lastly, the number of filled course positions greatly increased at the recent elections.

Performing Arts Officer:  having the most successful bunfight for years for the performing arts. The achievements of the individual societies would be having several 5* shows already. Affiliating 2 new PA societies. And lastly having better communication and collaboration between the three areas; dance, music and theatre.

Faculty Officer for Humanities: Participating in a conference with a large body of lecturers to express students’ concept of good feedback and also understand how staff would like to see feedback change over the coming year.

Sports Participation Officer: helping set up Intra-mural committee with Evan and starting a working group for disability sport, applying for funding for wheelchair basketball and starting to focus on three sports to lead the way in disabled sport

If anything above has seemed interesting remember you have the chance to be these leaders in 2014/15 by running in the Spring Elections…watch this space for more information!

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