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Halls Study Space

Exam season is well underway, and we’ve been working with the University, to make sure you all have as much space as you can to help you revise!

To find out what’s happening on campus, check out David’s blog here.

However, if you live in Halls, then there are a few extra spaces for you:

Glen Eyre

If you’re in Glen, South Hill or Hartley Grove, then the Glen Eyre Common Room, (above the Glen Bar), will be open as a quiet study space from 6am until midnight, everyday.

Wessex Lane

If you live in Monte or Connaught, then the Connaught Common Room, (opposite the Connaught Bar) has been turned into a quiet study space, everyday from 6am until midnight.


In Highfield Halls, the Dining Room will be used as a quiet study space, from 10am until 5pm, and then 8pm until midnight on weekdays, and from 2pm until midnight on the weekends.

These spaces are open now, so if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the library, then head over to them!

Exams are ongoing right up until Friday 24th January, so if you finish early, and are heading out to celebrate, don’t forget that there will still be people revising, so be mindful when coming in late at night!

Good Luck!


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