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New Year….New You

So it’s the start of a new year! If you’re one of the people who have promised yourselves that 2014 will be the year you get fit, that’s great! But, it doesn’t have to mean a stressful year of weight loss.

 Let’s be honest, pretty much everyone is conscious about some part of their body, I think it would be incredible if you could use this year to turn that into body confidence.  Surely it’s better to spend your time developing your talents and figuring out what you have to contribute to the world, than comparing your body to others and damaging your self-esteem?

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If you fancy some useful procrastination, take a look at this; http://www.cosmopolitan.co.uk/beauty-hair/body-confidence/.

As the VP Sports Development and VP Welfare, it is our mission to make sure Southampton Students are the most fit and body confident people out there. So here are some tips on ways to keep fit and healthy in an enjoyable way.

Sport/exercise is essential in a healthy lifestyle, but it doesn’t need to be boring! Why do many of our New Year’s resolutions fail? Maybe because we set unsustainable programmes to keep to, we have regimes which are not fun and not always healthy. People should be enjoying the sports or exercises which they find comfortable, as this will not only enable to you to obtain a body that you feel comfortable with but you will also get fitter in the process.

There is a solution to this! At SUSU, in partnership with Sport and Wellbeing, we are able to offer an incredible range of sporting and fitness opportunities. Therefore, you can create a fitness programme which includes a variety of gym activities and other sporting activities, which will allow you to meet friends and have some fun whilst you’re getting fit!

As VP Sport Development I want to make you aware of everything we have on offer here in SUSU, alongside sport and wellbeing.

          We have one of the largest Athletic Unions in the country and a variety of dance groups, many of which have both a social and competitive side, so ability isn’t a barrier. The sports on offer range from boxing to paintballing, yoga to ballroom and Zumba to sailing – if you want to find a fun way to keep active, click http://www.susu.org/running-your-union/zones/7    (Click ‘get involved’ to email the groups directly/ register interest). If you have any other questions please email Lucy Dowdall (AU Officer) auofficer@soton.ac.uk .

          A large Intra-mural programme (inter hall and faculty sports) For information on the intramural system (Football, Netball, Rugby, Basketball and Badminton) please contact sportandwellbeing@soton.ac.uk or partioffi@soton.ac.uk (Adam Proudley – Sports Participation Officer) to get you in contact with teams that are looking for players.

          Gym Users, the Jubilee is often at its busiest from 4-8pm on every weekday night, so if you can, plan around these times to avoid congestion – the weekend is often not as busy as people think. Alternatively, we have smaller gym sites at Connaught and Glen Eyre Halls which are severely underused. In addition, we have the Team Southampton gym at Widelane, which is more suited to those who want to exercise using weights.

          Sport and Wellbeing members – As a member of Sport and Wellbeing, your membership entitles to you to a whole host of benefits, not just access to the gym. There is a variety of different classes that you can attend for free or at discounted rates. Have look on their website for more info: http://www.southampton.ac.uk/sportandwellbeing/fitness_and_lifestyle_activities/fitnessclasses.html

Good Luck with your exams over the next few weeks! But please make sure you make time to de-stress and make time to exercise (and eat!).

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2 Comments on "New Year….New You"

  1. evanwhyte
    09/01/2014 at 8:36 pm Permalink

    LOVE this, except the link to Cosmopolitan, a website/publication that just loves to tell women what they should/shouldn’t wear/do in bed/eat. Not one of the best sources to utilise!

  2. evanwhyte
    Beckie VP Welfare
    10/01/2014 at 5:20 pm Permalink

    Hi Lacey, I agree that Cosmopolitan is not best known for setting a good example when it comes to body confidence. However the page linked to in this article features helpful tips such as ‘Stirring music is one of the best prompts of confident thoughts and feelings. Make up a collection of confidence-boosting music and play it on your I-Phone as you get ready in the morning or set off down the road.”, “So few people dress to express themselves and have come to rely on being told what to wear and how to wear it. If you like vertical stripes but have big boobs, who cares! It’s the smile you wear that’s more important.” and “Embrace what you’ve got … play on your strong points and don’t listen to negativity”. Therefore, I would hope that lots of students would read these articles and feel more confident!

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