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Elections – Help With Running

Elections are coming up very shortly and we want to ensure that we get as many people as possible involved in the process, running, campaigning and voting. To help give you the best information and experience possible, we’ve developed the following:


Your Skills Sessions

On the  30th January from (6 – 7:30)  in Building 2/1083 we’re running a ‘Demystifying Elections’ session which will help explain what elections are and aren’t like here in Southampton and simplify the process for you.

We’re also running ‘Your Skills‘ sessions in areas that we think will be particularly relevant to elections:

MarketingFriday 31st January (1 – 2:30pm)
Public SpeakingMonday 3rd Febuary (11:30 – 2:00pm)
Assertiveness SkillsWednesday 5pm Febuary (2:00 – 4:00pm)

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Drop-in Sessions

Between 12-3 throughout Monday 3rd Feb- Friday 7th Feb, members of the Sabbatical Team will be in Pod 3 (Concourse) to help answer any questions, issues or concerns about running in the elections then pop down and we’ll be able to give you the support and answers you need. This is a really good chance to get a feel for the job from people already in the role.

Support Information

We understand people feel there are some barriers to running in election but we want to alleviate these as best we can.

The Advice Centre is available to help students with a wide variety of issues including support with University regulations such as requesting academic extensions. All advice is free, independent and confidential; the Advice Centre can be found in Building 40, via advice@susu.org or on 02380 592085. During the elections campaigning period, the Advice Centre will be running a drop in service every day (Monday – Friday) from 1.00 – 2.00 so just come along and have a short appointment with the next available adviser.

The University Counselling Service also runs a drop in service every day from 1-2 and we are working with First Support to see if they are able to offer the same facility throughout elections. First Support can be contacted on 02380 597488 or firstsupport@soton.ac.uk.

Candidates during the election will also be offered discount cards in our outlets to ensure that everyone eats well throughout the busy period.

Concerns about status?

Whatever your status of study here, be that an undergraduate, postgraduate or international student, we’ve provided a handy page which gives you all of the information that you need to make the decision.

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